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Greetings my fellow American citizens

60 days have passed since our journey started in this new world.
60 days of constant effort, of fights, of work, of compromises, of cooperation. Of victory.  

The trip was not always easy, in fact we faced serious difficulties in our straggle to establish USA as one of the top countries of this world. We have faced hard wars, lots of fronts, many battles till we finally dominated over our rivals. All these due to all of you, stubborn and hard fighters that never gave up. The success in the battlefields of WW1 is your own.
Native USA citizens, immigrants from other countries that joined our struggle, came to fight for USA and we welcome them as real brothers, here, in the land of the free. At this point, I would especially like to thank from the bottom of my heart, the war parrot soldiers; Paraguayan brothers that joined USA in most difficult times and we fought all battles together; and we won together. A huge respect to all of you.

But wars never last forever. And after war it’s time to rebuild. To lay the foundations of a great country.  
So we deal with the advance of our own people, supporting them with loans to upgrade Training grounds, loans for companies. We rebuild Delta Force, main USA MU, assign as commander the very capable and assertive Ainz, that reformed command line, took care of MU companies and organized soldiers into a powerful lethal machine. Supplies in half price are delivered to soldiers before any important organized hit.

Using diplomacy along with fast accurate moves, we managed to gain a full bonus set, which actually boosted USA economy. We created a state Q5 Hospital factory, while also DS is on the way.

None of all the above would have been possible without all of you American citizens, and my unwearying council.
People that gave everything for the greater good of this country.
Kaveh, our governor and unstoppable work machine,
cypher the minister of defense as well as SC of alliance, a mastermind in strategy,
diesel our personal and beloved Goebbels, the minister of propaganda and enlightment, who also serves lately as MoFA of USA,
Ace my vice President always there when you need him…
And the teams of these ministries, unsung heroes that never got the recognition they deserved like alcek, drethgar, peaky, batasha, valuk89, and recently departed for Australia, blkfyre.

What we achieved, we did it all together, and no one can take this from you, neither arrogate our success.

Thank you all for this wonderful term,




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So emotional..
POTUS o7 Laugh
Without a doubt the best CP in the game.
hail USA o/
Rock and roll baby o7
Hail USA!- o7 Proud to be American
Congratz. great job!
good job o7
We are one BIG team @Ktab Respect !!