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After the meeting of Pantheon HQ, I am happy to announce the disbandment of Pantheon. This will bring back balance to the game, and make the game fun, once again. Also, a peace agreement has been reached in Sengel shores, between Nations League and ex-Pantheon members.


1. All ex-Pantheon members must cancel all of their protection pacts, immediately. TovarDante will be contacted by both parties about adding CPP feature.
2. Ex-Pantheon members are not allowed to sign new MPPs.
3. Ex-Pantheon members are not allowed to declare war on Nations League.
4. Nations League is allowed to declare war on ex-Pantheon members, and conquer all of their regions.
5. All ex-Pantheon members must stay deleted. They are not allowed to have any region.
6. Ex-Pantheon must help all Nations League members get 100% bonuses on all resources, even though there are only 4 rare regions for each resource.
7. Ex-Pantheon citizens are not allowed to apply for the citizenship of Nations League countries.
8. All of ex-Pantheon citizens must work for Nations League citizens, for 1 country currency per work. They are also obligated to donate their salary to their employer, after working.
9. The agreement will be valid until the end of eRevollution 2.

Note: This agreement is open for any changes and additions, only if it benefits Nations League.



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Signed by a potato walking down the street
Laugh Laugh Laugh
Cry More Pawahhh
Selling HRM..
فروش پراید گوجه ای اصل کره Smile)
There is no NL anymore, so i dont know why mention them at first place Cheeky
Sukk Cumworth and WeonCucks approve that document.
@gerachi neqrcu mi skachi Wink
@Del Boy +1 🤭
Podržite rad Kosingasa sa 25CC 😂😂😂
👑 SELLING 👑 Q5 WEPS 0.049G 👑
gejachi strikes again
Signed by HRM seller
great deal, I would sign this quickly!
Wow, what an incredible turn of events! Marlock was here
Haild Delta Force. Hail Shiroe o7
Buying HRM
so game over?
Pantheon will play game on hard difficulty.
gerarchi vodi politiku pantheona..jel to onaj balavac sto je na serveru 1 banao svoje srbe pa pobjegao u njemacku?
Gejachi neprikosnoveni vodja Laugh