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Regards to all !

As the future president of Bolivia,

I wish you a lot of success in the next month :)

In Bolivia, we managed to handle the situation well.
National factories are here and successfully operating, taxes settled, paid well enough... ;)

The first arrangements were signed.

Military cooperation with several countries, both in our environment and outside.
For now, we have free dom .
We are trying to maintain 2 - 3 regions.

Currently, we have 2 open war, and for now we are good at both ;)

I would take the opportunity to invite all interested to come to Bolivia and try something new.


Be our citizen, politician, congressman, soldier, president ...

We don't have BIG production bonus in Bolivia  and we do not need it, for now ;)

Salaries are pretty good, plus we have free donations and various help for our citizens.

If you decide to come to Bolivia, you do not need to change your citizenship if you do not want it.

Sincerely yours,

-sub4sub, vote, share, 24h/7d, ou yea-


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prvi !
Hail bolivia. o7
see ya soon in Bolivia bro.
Vamos a crecer Bolivia !!! We are going to grow up Bolivia !!!