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Axios Mortem
Today marks a New Day for Axios Mortem. Today our alliance came of age.  Today our well orgainised and tight knit Alliance, with great ally Hungary completed the deletion of the United Kingdom. Also the help of the great nations of Georgia, Greece and Mexico cannot be underestimated.

It must be remembered that throughout this war Axios Mortem tried in vain to reason with the Government of the United Kingdom so we could come to a more acceptable end.  

We Did Not Want To Delete The United Kingdom

However the result stands and Victory tastes sweet.
To the United Kingdom we thank you for a good fight!

Supreme Commander - Brisleain
Vice Supreme Commander - Guepo
Military Commander - arca7
Military Commander - HeavenHell
Public Realations Officer - Winston Hope Smith 
You can visit us on our Discord

Axios Mortem - We Are Worthy Of Death



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Victory is Sweet - Axios Mortem
Victory is Sweet - Axios Mortem
Bjezi ba .... lizete jedni drugim guzice ! Nemate muda 1 vs 1 !
Hail Ireland Hail France Hail Ellas o7
Congratz o7
Hail UK o7
Northern Ireland is UK... but not in this case. Hail Ireland o7
Congrats o7 hail allies Hellenic Army !!! o7
Hail UK u fall with respect , after fighting 4 invasors Smile , o7
60 day war to delete one country without support and 4vs1. Gj for respect and balls o7 Nice victory
U drunk? The war is not even 3 weeks
Well done to the UK, we can t say they were weak, it has been very interesting until Spain stopped helping them.
you did great job .. 4 country could defeat UK after 3 weeks is really great job .. congratz ..Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe Cheeky
Correct Ariya Stark, as most of you shag them.
Viva la France
I don t think you have something to celebrate because your alliance need help from four countries which are not part of your alliance. It only shows that you are weak without help from other alliance or countries
wot you say, Slavic Republic of China?
I m saying they shouldn t be too excited because they are(or will be) just other countries puppets
You re a slav in the RoC. Echo chamber eh?
When will the violence end ... Marlock was here.
2 months for delete a country, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL GG
DoW was started 20 days ago, look at France laws before speaking like idiot
Took you long enough, even though with 3+ countries... nothing great...
only 2 months and 4 vs 1 xD .. worth
blablabla i only see shame, respect UK for the bravery. People who seek little things, celebrate for little things. Just like the mind of those.
with respect.... We are very respectful of the UK and the resistance they put up. And thanked them in this article.