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For the last few days, or even weeks now, we keep listening to the lies of Nations League members, about how Pantheon supposedly ruined the game. And that is non-sense. The only alliance that was overpowered was Nations League themselves. Pantheon was formed as an alliance of 7 countries, some were considered as decent, some were considered as strong countries. On the other hand, Nations League was formed as an alliance of 2 blocks, with 7 countries each. Most of the 14 countries very considered strong, some were even the strongest in the world, at the time. They have also tried approaching Vendetta, in order to make themselves even more overpowered. Their main goal was obliterating Pantheon, and the rest of the world. And that is what made them fail so badly.

Fortunately, Pantheon always had a very capable HQ, made of very experienced and intelligent players. The organization and coordination was impeccable. Unlike Nations League. They had no organization, nor coordination, at all. Though they still had way more damage than Pantheon. We kept fighting, our will was getting stronger every single day. Day by day, we kept fighting, and kept resisting them. As a result of our hard work, and their HQ incompetence, we started obliterating them. 

We have managed deleting Turkey, Poland, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain... And that is how Pantheon brought balance to the game. Their communities started leaving the game, blaming Pantheon for ruining the game. All we did was defending ourselves. Nations League was the only true aggressor, since day 1. 

Fun is not something we consider when balancing the game. But this… did put a smile on our faces.

The game is now perfectly balanced, as all things should be.



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Yep, the stats lie, not you. The stats say all NL together have same damage than pantheon, but nl is overpowerd and pantheon balanced, you are rigth.
Defending through deleting ur enemies is the only defence! Spain was coming right at me! Marlock was here
Pantheon started by creating an Alliance with 4 of the 5th strongest countries in the game, NL isnt in fault
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Come on people, the game is 2 months, this will change hundred times, I do not understand the fuss
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Lol yes pantheon did everything on its own. The hq planned everything it was 7 vs 14. Did you forget all the help you got from Vendetta?