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Dear players of eTaiwan,

First i would like to say o to all of you and thank you for your support, it was a tough elections, but I am more than happy that i won xD
Thanks to our previous CP Salah for all the help he is giving me right now, and also for 2 wonderful months he did everything great for our beloved country. On start of my mandate, we have a few things we must do. This moment i would like to ask every and each of you who wants to help our country in any way and wants to help working on improving it, please send me private message, don't hesitate.

Second thing i want to talk is that we need to establish our monetary market and issuing money will be just for MU companies owners (for workers) and also for our Hospital company which we need every month as you all already know i believe. We are collecting golds for hospital so i am looking for people who can donate as many golds as they can (every gold helps!!) because we are very close to q5 hospital!! I would like to invite all of you to start putting things for sale on our market, foor equivalent 1g = 2000 energy, raw around 0.1 TWD, weapons if you have at rates they are on public trade and so on.

Third and maybe the most important part for everyone that is reading this article from foreign countries, Taiwan declares NEUTRALITY at this moment, but is open for talks with everyone who has that desire.  Our only prio block for MPP's are our friends and neighbours from Indonesia and South Korea which I would like to send a big o and thank you for friendship from start of game till now, and all our allies who stood by our side in tough times in previous alliances. RoC will not forget it!

Fourth and last, for any questions I am open to answer, you can send them to me via PM, or you can visit our official discord channel : LINK

Proud Taiwan CP,

P.S. ofc there will be boobies


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