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The Government of the United States would like to announce to the world that our great nation is officially open to full scale immigration!

Is your country inactive?
Is your country occupied by foreign aggressors?
Do you want to be in a country with an active community?
Do you want to build your account in the best way possible?

Get U.S. Citizenship, today!

Immigrant heaven

Our great nation is established by the citizens from all over the world, which makes it the only country in the game that is truly international. We accept everyone, no matter the nationality. All of us have equal rights. If you are willing to put effort in your work, and learn from the best, you might become a Congressman, or member of The Cabinet of the United States. Someday you might even become President of the United States!


    Super-effective bureaucracy, which makes the United States of America the most effective economic power in the world.

    No trade barriers - The United States of America has no active trade embargoes.

    World Market Centre - Buy, or sell products on our market. The U.S. is the capital of global trade. It is the most active marketplace in the world, with prices similar to the ones on the black market. Also, unlike the black market, you get your products, or money, instantly, without a chance of getting scammed. The U.S. currency is stable at all times, and one of the cheapest currencies in the world.

    Highest industry profile in the world - The country owns 100% bonuses on all 3 resources. With our cheap currency, and manager tax of only 1 USD per company for the U.S. citizens, it is an economic heaven for bussinesmen.

    Universal Social Care - Social care is common and easily available to all citizens.

    The Government offers 30% assistance for training ground upgrades (all levels, except 5th) through 1-month loans.

    All the U.S. citizens who establish, or upgrade, their companies in the United States of America, are eligible for the refund of 5% of their investment.

    Opportunity to work for weapons, instead of currency.

    Supply - In times of war the Government will be offering cheap weapons to all the U.S. citizens.


With the strongest military unit in the world, Delta Force, the U.S. Army is the most powerful force in the game. We are the number one arms producers in the world. Soon, we plan to advance to even higher military profile, by creating state-owned military-industrial companies, which will make our country the safest and the most secure country to live in.

If you want to experience what does it feel like to win on the battlefield, and enjoy the greatest community in the game, get the U.S. Citizenship, today!

Secretary of Education, Interior and Homeland Security


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Looks nice, vote
Make America Great Again
Looks cool...o7
Is your country occupied by foreign aggressors? Do you mean Bulgaria your ally? Or even USA? Laugh
Nice one Gerachi o7
Fake media. Marlock was here
Is your country occupied by us or our ally? Then join us TODAY! lmao
only bad thing about usa , is their allies , neeeext
second strongest military unit in the world* everyone knows that KFC is the strongest KFC o7
America ? No thanks !
is it another troll ? XD
How about Trump?¡
Nice one! O7 o7 o7
jajaja nope, Trump is a bad boy Smile
Nice graphics
@Facebook Are you kidding me? Are you a clown? Are you a joker?
@ Gerachi, I hope the real USA Government doesn t sue you for using their logos Cheeky ... USA USA USA !!! Na you are doing pretty good job bru. Keep it up
Trump knows about this !?!?!?!
@A333 Sshhh
fuuu no bonuses! bulgaria is always stronger ! join bulgaria only real power of erevollution!
I need a green card and a big butt pls
Give me real US CS. This is a only game.