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There are not interfere in real life politics , but they are support occupation of West Bank and Golan Heights with ingame things 

that logic :D


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88 o7
14 o7, Golan Heights are legally Syrian territority, same as West Bank is official Palestinian territory with capital in Jerusalem
While the State of Palestine does not officially exist, you certainly have a point. Admin should either recognize the RL status quo (facts on the ground), and then award Kosovo to Kosovo (or maybe USA/NATO/whatever) and Crimea to Russia, or he should rather invoke a more... historical view.
Think in this game as fantasy game based in non completely real life haha dont get Mad with admins
admin you are bad at geography mate
worse than plato lul
Pa israelci mogu vise golda kupit , logicno !
S 90
https://www.erev2.com/en/article/246 s4s
s95 v12