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Last night we have had an alliance summit, where the representatives of Pantheon country members elected a new HQ, for the month of December.

Supreme Commander: danider

Vice Supreme Commander:Cypher

MC team: Kaveh, Marcelo, Spellz, Otis Redding, steel, Hugo de payens, Vortx

SoFA team: Diesel, EddieA, PortgasAce

Secretary of the Treasury: Hugo de payens

Secretary of Public Relations: Gerachi

Congratulations to all the newly elected members of the HQ, and good luck!


Secretary of Public Relations of Pantheon,



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Reserved for losers...
The only relevant alliance. That plus the unlimited purchase will bring the game down. Allthough I have nothing against Pantheon, as I have said before, US and Bulg in one alliance, as the game stands now, makes the prospects of this game less and less. Something to consider. Marlock was here
i think its another troll o7
@LordMarlock, I will post it here as well - So you say we have to ditch our friendship that lasts from multiple games, so some crybabies can sleep peacefully? We should leave behind the people we care about and that care about us in the name of random strangers?
@LordMarlock We Dont Give A F*** Let The Mofo Burn #zerofucksgiven
Bravo Gerachi Srbine!
@danider, hello. I m not the one crying about balance - I m a farmer, but you will have to do what you said in a while - when there are no others left except you and those you care of. So as always, you have 2 choices - either let friends free and see what happens now, or see how friends become enemies. Because, this is something that always happened throughout history. Because with great power comes great responsibility.