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It is hard for me to stop hiding this. I know that a lot of my allies will say I am without mind. I know that I probably should consult with them first, before issuing an article about that. I know that this may alter the fate of my country and the fate of the whole alliance.

I know that is not what people expect when they elect you for Supreme Commander of an alliance… But yeah.. Some things should be said no matter what!!!

I believe that Pantheon indeed is the main reason for the game to be in such state and I believe it’s not normal such things to happen just 2 months into the server.

Here are the reasons why I think Pantheon should be disbanded:

1. I think that it is criminal Pantheon to be a union of countries and people that share yearslong relationship between each other. People that worked together in multiple alliances and countries in different servers.

2. It is absolute that Pantheon has the responsibility to the fact that balance does not exist. Who else is guilty that Brazil decided to leave Spain, sign MPP with Pantheon and conquer Argentina freely. Thanks God, Balance happily received Brazil again afterwards – maybe.

3. I think that the admins should forbid in the rules for players that have game experience, knowledge how to run alliances and the needed times to plan and make plans come true. If there is alliance that is guilty of that, we surely talk about Pantheon. I demand the Administration to permanently ban every person that was involved in the HQ of Pantheon for sabotaging the game.

4. After the disbandment of Pantheon, all state government members should be crucified. The corrupted Pantheon existence was based on the grouping of all top 1358 countries in the game together. Every single government member carries the responsibility of organizing baby booms, making good organization inside his country, leading his country man on the path of success. It is simply unacceptable behavior to say the least.

5. In such a liberal SJW world, Pantheon had to disband and give up on all its possesions already. They are not meant for Pantheon and its members. They are meant to be owned by all the snowflakes, all the socially isolated people who don’t do anything, but deserve to be rich and successful. Only a mad man doesn’t already know that we live in a world of the bu*thurt minorities. COME ON, PANTHEON!!!!

Like all you can agree, we can put at this list, but there is only one thing that matters. PANTHEON MUST BE DISBANDED ON THIS MINUTE! Pantheon is alliance that brings injustice, Pantheon is alliance that makes people bu*thurt and nervous 24/7. Let’s end this GENOCIDE NOW!


Nagito Komaedadzera15

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It s like all of the points I ve been saying have went right over your head.
Muerte a brazil
Hahahaha, crucify them xDD
I caught up with the sarcasm only after reading point 3 onwards Laugh
Are you serious? Or just a kidding?
I was never more serious in my entire life.
Potential serial killer detected..
This guy need to leave the game and find a girl, or a clinic.
I understand your frustration, but you probably realize yourself that USA+BULG+BRA just makes it silly to contemplate any alternatives. Again, as I have re-stated so many times before, no blame is to be put on Pantheon or individual members. But the fact is that this is the ONLY alliance out there, and comprises of the most active and populated nations. YOU yourselves will start loosing interest in the game too if things continue as they are right now. I am not saying that you should disband the alliance, but the issue needs some thought, other then being silly as you are right now Smile Marlock was here
I never play other games against my friend. Ohh Fifa PES Call of Duty and much more. Please. No sense.
Please. Don t come back to my articles. Ever. Again.
🤣😂😂😂😂 no sense
Do it.
Wow, funny. How many times has this joke been made now?
danicrier, cry baby cry. Marlock was back
Such articles, yet funny, but show that people behind the problem understand the problem. It is not sarcasm, it is call for help. Simply because it is very hard to surrender something you were building hard, day and night. It is understandable.
dani drunk again
čuj, zanimljivo je kako pričaš kada si u nezgodnom položaju (e dom) a kako pričaš kada si u boljem položaju Smile dva različita danidera Wink
You have the words, erevtools have the stats. And the stats say you make and overpowered alliance until day one.
Jebote koji je ovaj dinajder egotrip to je strašno