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Published in Spain - Warfare analysis - 12 Dec 2018 09:48 - 6

Spanish community, we write to inform you that we have done everything in our power to control dmg but the absence of MPPs on your part has not been able to cope with dmg done by our MPP countries. We aren't part of any alliance as we declared neutrality few days ago. We contacted every government and told them that we are leaving regions but we can't and won't accept blame for any foreign citizen violating orders.

For the inconvenience we'll start next RW and we recommend you to sign MPPs as fast as possible to avoid future problems.

We behaved with full respect and didn't broke any NAP rule and your government is aware of that.

Best regards,
manga1911 - CP of eCroatia



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tako se to radi bravo CP o7
Pole Blame
MPP system unbalances the game! CRYYY Cheeky Cheeky Marlock was here