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AtropatesS: (speaking partly in Tukvish)

(I erev2 prestar aen.)
The world is changed.

(Han matho ne nun.)
I feel it in the work.

(Han mathon ned trae.)
I feel it in the train.

(A han noston ned DOilith.)
I smell it in the daily order.

Much that once was is lost, for none now live who clicked it.

It began with the forging of the Great Alliances. One was formed by the Turks, immortal, wisest and noobest of all beings.
The other by the Charm of the Irish, great neutrals and mercsmen of the golden halls.
And one, one was started by the Sacer Lord, who above all else desires power.
For within these alliances was bound the strength and the will to govern each continent.

But they were all of them deceived, for another alliance was made. Deep in the land of Serba, in the Fires of Mount Bre, the Dark Lord Khaveon forged a master alliance, and into this Alliance he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all two-clickers.

One Alliance to rule them all, one Alliance to shame them, one Alliance to bring them all and in its bonuses bind them in the Land of Bre where Pantheons lie.
Dandier, Diesel and Ace making Strategy

One by one, the free nations of eRev2 fell to the power of the Alliance, but there were some who resisted.

A last alliance of men and Spaniards marched against the armies of Serba, and on the very slopes of Mount Bre, they fought for the fre of eRev2. Victory was near, but the power of the Alliance could not be undone.

And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became cypher.

Darkness crept back into the bonuses of the world. Rumor grew of a shadow in the south, whispers of a amazon fear, and the Alliance perceived its time had come.

For the time will soon come when multies will shape the fortunes of all...

... or is it?

Basically, as I have said on several occasions, Pantheon has every right to enjoy its spoils as it happens, especially now that they are the ONLY alliance in the World, and have more than 50% of everything.

What folks like dandier and diesel, brilliant strategists as they are, FAIL to recognize is one simple truth behind the current state of affairs: the continuation of status quo will make the game extremely boring, and as such, bore-out not just non-Pantheon folks, but Pantheon group as well.

In other words, if things do not start to change soon, people will seriously start to log-off without coming back. I am seeing this among my people, and on the international wall as well.

Not only that people are getting upset by the harsh TC upgrade timetable, unachievable by most regular players, but now they are faced with the power-mongering global alliance that basically dominates the global theater of operations with an unprecedented ease (Irish CP deleted his article where he gave an example).

Why am I saying this. Back in that first game I have had quite a lot experience in managing not just a nation, but an alliance as well. Some my remember it by its connection to a certain paradise. My job was to manage the Alliance s Intelligence HQ, so I had a pretty good idea on the strategy, balance and other relevant factors. NEVER have I seen something like what we are faced with here.

AGAIN, I am not saying that the Pantheon folks do not deserve the spoils of victory (both military and diplomatic); no, by all means, KUDOS guys, well done. But you will turn off the light if this continues. For everyone, yourselves included.

How do we do this? Two things come to my mind.

1. ADMINS - cancel the unlimited purchase, or at least put to 12h cool period. I have done the math, it is definitely the visa players who are doing the decisive score (check one of my previous articles). If you do this, others will get a fighting chance.

So far, the Admin has refused this option. So please, if you agree with me, leave a comment below (I am not asking you to vote and/or sub).

2. DEFEATED and NEUTRAL nations - forget the mutual grievances, and form a temporary alliance to bring back the balance to the game. Seriously. Get together, make a plan, set the timetable, discuss and set goals, and set the ground rules for dissolving this alliance once the goals have been achieved.

This will make this game fun finally. And MAYBE, just maybe it stops people from leaving and gets some new folks to join us.

Catch you later njabs,
Lord Marlock

Lord Marlock


Batko BatistutaYoda

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kad ce hrvatska verzija
Great bro.
Unlimited purchase! Agree! But i think admin is too greedy to accept that.. So i think i will leave the game in some days later.. see yaaa
Great. Now I need to binge watch LOTR all over again..
Bro I know few players from the both sides that have on stock half the damage that my country does for a whole week - a single player can do this with his VISA. Anything else is irrelevant.
Yep, when we say you are making a mistake you said: NL Ovepowered. Enjoy your decisions.