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FOR SHOUT: Pantheon HQ: How to create DMG balance in game? - https://www.erev2.com/en/article/2387
Nice job Great
Nice lol
Do you really expect us to disband our alliance, just because you are incapable to organize with other countries, and make an anti-Pantheon alliance? Tell me you are kidding. Because if you are not, I have some bad news for you.
Tojos.dobaros posaos majnos amigos
@Gerachi statistics said diferents things and this article is troll
Hail Balance!
like you disbanded MDP in erev1 and created VV?? we can do that Laugh
Yea Laugh
Ps..i didnt was in VV
Lmao why the heck did you not invite them to you side wtf :/
We all soon will be walking away Cheeky Marlock was here
The problem of the rest of the world is that they lack leadership to lead an opposite alliance. If other side could form a working alliance they could overpower current synthesis of Pantheon, that includes Cro-Gr. What you lack is not power. It s will to work for an alliance and people capable to do so.
People who made Pantheon are kinda strange in defending their achievement. Instead of keeping silent while achieving their next level, they keep complaining it was hard and appeal to their friendships throughout many similar games, calling those who oppose them strange and random, like if somebody really asked them to build it. Since I literally do not care, I treat Pantheon owners as those who have egoistically overtaken the game and suggest you do the same. In the end, please, when you disband Pantheon and ruin it s name, make sure they witness it and suffer.
poor ktab , spoke so much junk that i dont understand
Leopard 2A4 CL another reason why you do not stand a chance. Even if truth is revealed by your opponent you refuse to see and face it. Not my prob anyways
Coward pantheon guys izi izi
376,666,381 That s how much extra damage Ex-NL/Rest of World and Axios Mortem make compared to pantheon.
@Ktab @Ace According to erevtools, Pantheon has around 46% of the world power. You really think that is possible to organize 60 countries with 6 MPPs limit to have similar damage of Pantheon? Please, you are good players. Don t need to pretend there is a balance.
The world in eRev managed to survive in more dominant scenerios that how it is now. I’m sure you can figure out a way also. NL managed to build alliance with 14 countries. So it is possible to organize enough counties to pressure Pantheon with 6 MPP. It’s just a matter of effort and Will.
@PorgasAce yes, eRev 1 survided, but with how many active players ? How many left the game because of overpower ? Think about it.
we make Iran strong again then join the pantheon πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
Gerachi we make one antipantheon alliance, u call this one Overpowered alliance. Think about that.
ktab that s the same thing VV was saying all the time in first server. And also the same amount of jokes and sarcasm, Pantheon has it all. Everyone are full of wisdom and knowledge when they re on the stronger side. And what strategies did the opposite countries of VV have? As I remember the only strategy was a rush on T1 when admins gave us 2 rws to have a chance. Smile GG.
Siempre hay personas que tienen miedo a perder. Soy de esas personas luchadoras y creo que esa es la esencia del juego . Pero estar en esa alianza me da nauceas. Irse por lo facil mata el juego
So if the situation was reversed Nations League would not have recruited more people? Flashback - NL had 14 countries and still approached Vendetta to bring down Pantheon. So blame yourselves and no one else. IF you want to leave the game please be my guest more stuff for us LOL
How about we find another game ... There should be a limit to the numbers of countries can join an alliance. ex.. An alliance should contain not more than 3 nations. And same with MPP.
They tried that already and Nation league went ahead and did the chicken move to form the superalliance.