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Axios Mortem
On the evening of the 16th December Axios Mortem elected our new HQ reflecting the new membership of the Alliance. 

So with great fanfare and excitement please note the following HQ going forward...
Supreme Commander - Brisleain
Vice Supreme Commander - O T A M A N
Military Commander - arca7
Military Commander - niceone
Military Commander - miafrancez
Military Commander - Kobble
Military Commander - aLjoX5
Secretary of Foreign Affaires - Agui
Public Relations Officer - Winston Hope Smith 

In this News From Axios Mortem I am also starting an irregular section interviewing the HQ Staff starting with our Supreme Commander Brisleain.
Hi Brisleain....thanks you for agreeing to be interviewed here today at what is a very late hour for you in real life (and very early for me)...

If you don't mind I'll start with your history playing these sort of games...

What similar games prior to eRevollution 2 did you play?

Thanks Winston, Let me see...I played: vPopulus, eRepublik, eRev1, eSim, maybe more. I love these games and the strategy involved but am all In with eRev2 now!  

Wow so like myself you graduated to the best game :)

So in eRev2 why did Ireland become your home? I know why it did for me as I'm a Real Life Irishman but we are a very international group under your Presidency and I wondered why you choose Ireland as the country to lead...

I usually play in the US or Ireland. I like playing in Ireland because I like a challenge. Playing in the US would be too easy for me. I also pay my homage to my Irish ancestry.

Do you hear that everyone, if you have Irish ancestry then Ireland is the place for you.

So on Axios Mortem...
Axios Mortem is one of the two Alliances to have survived from the first week of the game, albeit with slightly different lineup.  On starting Axios Mortem, why and with who did the idea of this Alliance come to pass?

I wont take credit for starting Axios Mortem. I think it was multiple people who wanted to create this alliance. The goal was to unite Western and Central Europe.

So on our new line up like me I will give you the opportunity to welcome them to our Alliance.

I am happy to have Hungary, Slovenia, Albania, and Ukraine join us. We are stronger overall and we look forward to working with these countries.

What are the future aims of Axios Mortem?

Our future goals as an alliance are obviously to grow. Both economically and militarily. Our alliance is built on organization and sovereignty. In my opinion, we are far more organized than any other alliance in game.

Thanks Brisleain for your time and now go sleep Commander :P

Remember you can reach Axios Mortem on our Discord

Thanks for reading and until next issue...

Axios Mortem - We Are Worthy Of Death

Albania - France - Hungary - Ireland - Lativia - Slovenia - Ukraine


der Kaiser Pepi II

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Axios Mortem - New HQ and an interview
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