DICE Directive

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Anthem of Egypt:


Leonardo BacalaoBoikov

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Signed by the Head of State, Kokichi Oma
Good luck
Ye guys rockin this shet. Love it.
sorry for not being able to attend, good job o7
why not have a VAT?
OK, first of all while i never supported Dross s approach to assign me as a possible candidate for the Head of Congress, the approach he had made me believe he doesn t even deserve the spot he had as a pseudo governor or even as minister of foreign affairs. You can see by his lack of collaboration that he does not deserve the spot either way and instead we are wasting it when we can place someone more capable. Anyway, about the other ordeals, i concur with some of the economical decisions, except perhaps that the currency should be lowered from 100 to 1 to 50 to 1 to prevent unnecessary inflation. that s my opinion, and i don t see many nations doing otherwise so that s what i believe in. Do what you will.
well, enjoy your position outside of government. i vote for whoever i want even if it s myself.
@Gobernador: It is the right of the individual, which is defended by our constitution, to have the fre of vote. You can vote for whoever you want without being discriminated, and thats a basic fre . Chill ok? Because you also are not presenting any professionalism for the position.
why not have a VAT :c dont ignore #rude
@KokichiOma it proves lack of professionalism to vote for one s self.