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This could be the thing I was talking about. Axios Mortem, few powerful neutral countries, and the game is on.

KUDOS, this could be fun, FINALLY!

To my fellow Georgians, I will fight with you brothers!

Yes, you smell, yes, you only pretend to have an alphabet (I ve checked your newspapers, it s rubbish, not proper letters), yes, when you type on international wall it hurts our eyes trying to figure out what u r talking about...

BUT... I have seen you in action in erev1, I have seen with my own eyes how you have fooled those turks, how you have pretended to be their friends, and how you have back stabbed them with 9 mil dmg of georgian vengenance!! IMPRESSIVE!

I am with you all the way.

Except moving into Georgia. The cultural shock would be too much to bare. I will pick one of your MPPs, and fight from there. Fight for you, Fight for your women (like the one below).
Picture above: Kamko, self-portrait

Seriously people, get involved.
Georgia is Battlestar Galactica.

Is either humans or Cylons.
Diesel or man.
Kaveh or hairy.

If Cylons win, dandier will greet each and every one of you with his famous greeting:

No matter which side, let s all have some fun!


Ready Too DieNemetonYodaKamKoKamKoKamKoKamKoThe KINGpetros2DamaChen

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pole =)
we always win, when Marlock Publishs articles about us! Hail Marlock
Sad to see vendetta country attacked.
Write it in Georgian alphabet please xD
Hail Marlock !!!
შეგეცი მარლოკ love you ^^
time to protect Spooky Gruzijans
Last pic did not showed up
Consider urself lucky Permata
შეგეცი მარლოკ love you ^^ Kiss
ბარო ბიჭებს , გადატენილები ვართ.
What the .... we smell and pretend to have alphabet ? :/ like... should i be happy with this article ? :/
Marlock is here