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Axios Mortem
The Alliances of
Axios Mortem and Croatia 
Have today, eRev2 day 75, December 19th 2018
have agreed the following NAP

1.  Rent for Grand Este (oil) for 20g a month
2.  This is renewable every 30 days on behalf of the two parties (Axios Mortem and Croatia)
3.  NAP between Axios Mortem and Croatia will take place
4.  This NAP will last 30 days, also renewable every 30 days
5.  Said parties may not attack each other through via DoW/Direct Battles, Start RWs (or participate) in each others RWs)
6.  These parties however may attack with via MPPs/TA

This NAP will be signed by the parties involved by comment below.

Axios Mortem - We Are Worthy Of Death

Albania - France - Hungary - Ireland - Lativia - Slovenia - Ukraine


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Axios Mortem - NAP AM and Croatia
Signed SC of AM
Signed by CP of France
Signed by CP of eCroatia
Not signed by French people
Congrats Croatia for your 3x80.