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Dear erevoltians,

Today came a very sad day:

My own unit, ZDRUG, almost 1 billion worth in DMG, has actively engaged in the ww2, on the Pantheon side. This despite the fact that the current Croatian Government has proclaimed neutrality, and despite the fact that the Pantheon leadership has stipulated that they shall not be accepting any new members. Pantheon obviously had other things on their mind, being very deceiving in the process, and the Croatian Government acted without consulting its people at all. We just learned one day in the Pantheon newspaper that Croatia is a new member.

Pantheon screams every the the same mantra:

... but in reality they are a bully who enjoys kicking others for fun. The Georgian DoW by Bulgaria is just one example, we have had Ireland before, and who knows how many others.

Georgia became a symbol, and out of this symbol came the Irregular Milita (is that the correct name?, what a lousy name :) ), a make-shift alliance assembled over night, but a product of a long-time pondering on how to release one selves of the Pantheon clutches. I see Georgia as the Battlestar Galactica, and Pantheon as Clyons (and Croatia as Razer, fans will understand).

I perfectly understand the position taken by the Croatian Government. Our bonuses are secured, our neighborhood either alliance members, or minor threat. Currently we have excellent options as to the different kinds of battles required to fulfill the current missions. All is fine, and the Government did the right thing in choosing to enter the Pantheon.

More security... and more bor(e)dom (lol, the word got cut). Croatians are bored. Croatians need a proper fight. Croatians need a proper challenge. And what is a better challenge than to raise against the Pantheon clutches and fight. Especially if the fight is a desperate one.

This is a fight not just for Georgia or this new alliance, but a fight against bor(e)dom
. And all are welcome to join in.

I intend to join in, but, sadly, not as the Captain of my favorite unit, ZDRUG, nor as a Croatian soldier. Croatia has chosen a different path, and ZDRUG must follow that direction. I will, instead, travel far, seek new brothers in arms, and fight the ww2 with them. After the conflict is done, I shall return :)

I will not fight against Croatia, and if it ever comes to our core being attacked, I am back :D

Njabovi, držte se :D

Lord Marlock



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FreeBSD Croatia
welcome to georgia noob
Ne jedi govna xD
pa mi u ratu od ranih dana bez prestanka do sada i odma ideš dalje, baš si njab
Sritan put i mirno more
Te govoris u svoje ime, a ne svih hrvata
You ain t going alone buddy
Hail Lord Marlock!!
Netipično kratak članak za tebe, samo 7 puta scroolao... Laugh