The Seven Seas


Published in United States of America - Battle orders - 4 years ago - 18

Hail USA o7
Hail Pantheon o7 
Nice battle @Taiwan @Irregular Militia


AlcekDieselReady Too Die

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Legendary battle
Hail usa o7
Gj for all, lets make this game interesting again o7
Beautiful battle, and a very fitting name of the region: VISAyas
Amazing, Hail USA, tnx friends
hail Panetone o7. Great battle.
Great battle guys o/
Kad mi bratu naraste pisa najebali ste
Dobra bitka o/
Hail Pantheon! Hail USA! o7
great battle guys, respect to all
idiotic game
Hail good battles!!
Visa war Smile
at least, nobody can be calm against us now ! #Irregular Militia
Death to...?