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The little things in life are the ones that matter the most
If you dont believe me just keep reading this short article. 

Its was around midnight in Bulgaria when the final 30 minutes of the great battle for Visayas began.  I was sitting and watching the battle. I couldnt move my eyes for a second. Tanks from both sides started tanking and the damage counter just went crazy. Magnificient! Our president gave us an order to push everything we have. I was skeptical. We have just attacked Georgia and i decided to save my pitty damage for my country. And honestly, what difference would a ordinary aplayer like me do? But then the last 30 seconds of the battle came.
We were loosing.
I dont even know how did i react so fast. I just throw away everything i had.
And then this happened...

I made the calculations and the difference was .....  5 497 434 DAMAGE! Almost exactly the damage i made.  
I will let you do conclusions for yourselves.
The little things in life are the ones that matter the most


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I apologize for my english. o7
Laugh well done, congrats. Marlock was here
@ Alexander95 Same here, oh wait we are not VISA players, but our pity dmg helped.
hahaha, very good o7 respect. Safer was here
Nice o7
o7 nice
haha amazing =D
the best article Wink
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