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now day online games, are pay to win.... the producers CAN NOT UNDERSTAND they are killing the fun and when only a few player want to pay for wining game, they lose larg amount of customers... games with low number of players are NOT FUN.
those who pay money for games, are really in need to in the game, and they can win it by the difference compare to the normal players ! when the normal players leave the game ( bec. they don t want to pay for game and it is not compete able vs pay to win players) they lose the crowd... and also it is not fun for pay to win player to compete against other pay to win players.....
well it is false...problem is that he invested a lot of money in the beginning of the game and now he don t need to put single euro until the end of server....when you make company you should focus on steady income whole time not only first month blast...but hey maybe on the game numero 5 or 6 they will learn Cheeky
hahaha xD i love it
Daddy Diesel
I love ya Diesel
Well.. Mojo said it all Laugh