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This game is built on RL and it has to follow RL when it comes down to state borders and territory.

United Nations are the highest authority on this planet when it comes down to recognizing certain states as independent or certain parts of land as territory of any country.

in this game, state of israel is given Gaza strip, West Bank and Golan heights.

Neither are recognized by UN as a israel territory but purely as an occupation.

Not a single country recognized these lands as territory of israel, unlike similar cases like Kosovo and Crimea, for an example.

West Bank and Gaza strip belong to State of Palestine - UN recognized state.Not israel!

Golan heights belong to Syria as recognized by UN, not israel whos occupying it!

I refuse to play a game that favors one state's tyranny over 200+ countries who are ( mostly formally and quietly ) against it.

I hope that free thinking world stands with me on this issue.

I urge administrators to fix this mistake so we can all enjoy eLife.

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