Shilling for Shillings

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United we stand Divided we fall Hail Pantheon o7 Hail USA o7 Hail Delta force Hail POTUS o7
nigga, this is music
Good victory , when Brazil lol Smile)
United we stand Divided we fall Hail Pantheon o7 Hail USA o7 Hail Delta force! o7
Hail your VISA. But not for long i will change that!!!
✪ Ready or not, here we come ✪
where s the Medal of Honor for VISA- Mastercard, and OFC? Biased article!! Cheeky
trash written by a rich trash
haters gonna hate no matter what Cheeky
Brb changing newspaper name to trash written by a rich trash
@Governador Do not cry my baby
USA o7
its too easy really. it seems as if there are no opponents on the other side.
GJ guys
u guys r a joke. u call urself an alliance, but its a one-man show. diesel 245 mil dmg. in one battle. give me a break. this is not a cry. its a fact. this game is not disbalances. its p2w, and thats fine. what makes it ridicilous u braging about the size of ur wallet
hik hik hura
good job on playing bully and actually be proud of it, very mature
@hungrykevin I feel like a war criminal now Sad
Hail Diesel VISA
Kaveh i thought thats what you want to achieve haha, keep up the good work!
when two member of your alliance is the only two countires in the world with full bonus, yet the biggest alliance had to surprise us with a dow without any demand and warning and wipe us for no particular reasons, that sounds very much like a war criminal to me
I am against of this kind of celebration i have to be honest. But my friend kevin, what happens now i am sure i had warned about, some time ago, check our discord dialog right before we stopped talking. Some 2 months ago. To refresh your memory, it was the period that TW was heavily helping the attacks against USA.
i guess you are right, consequences of picking the opposite alliance and helping them out. We should have prepared much earlier so both side could have more fun, sorry about that
Victory? is it even balance? Well you can talk as you like when you are on Top, just like VV did. I guess you have no opponent now lol and Ktab, at least Indo and Taiwan are proudly helping our ally to reach balance although not even close, not like yours some swipedcard-saidVictory-without-strategy-things...
Taiwan put no effort in the war first of all. No RW snipes, moving a capital to region that easily be RW, No OH, moving capital 15+ hours after battle of capital. Your allies rarely assisted after the first battle. It was clear from the beginning Taiwan gave up on the campaign. We were even ready to offer you a white NAP. Returning all regions to Taiwan with zero repercussions but ofc no one reached out to me. I even sent them a message when DoW launched that they are free to offer us a NAP at any point during the war lmao. We were simply smarter than our enemies VISA had nothing to do with it. Taiwan has been stocking since Day 1 of eRev. I highly doubt they’ll be spent with just 1 battle. I’m really Offended bout that no strategy lol you should have been in our HQ meetings that were happening 24/7 5,000+ notifications daily. All from planning out a war that was clearly won. We showed Taiwan the they deserve respect by not underestimating them. Simply be tarnishing the legacy built by Taiwan since eRev1 if we just handed the victory to Taiwan or put a half/ effort.
΄swipedcard-saidVictory-without-strategy-things...΄I loled. Teach us some strategy please
United we stand Divided we fall Hail Pantheon - this is new, someone checked my profile destription? Laugh now people will think I support Pantheon..that s cheap guys
and alliance with 50% of damage ingame proud of that.
CryeonFlux s idea strategy: Put down DS5 and let it be bomb sniped, RW irrelevant regions, don t RW core regions when they are occupied, don t move capital after it s taken, then move it to region that can be taken by RW. Both sides had roughly equal damage the first week, but results weren t equal because IM MC team screwed up too much. No, our strategy wasn t brilliant - it was just standard. Theirs, however, made no sense at all. You guys sniped Visayas, a region with no value whatsoever, four times instead of defending Taiwan cores.
Nek sam i to vidio da neko ova dva bota na kubik gejachija i prvog kod Srba spellza
waiting for analys of mexico )))
But Ace, Taiwan only have 5 core regions, where can we move that will not be RW or under your Direct attack? And Taiwan did not just stocking since day1, half of our populations are refuges from other countries with empty stock, I know you want to make your victory more glorify but this seems doesn t fair, I am also very offended.