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Hail SOA and UGA
Hail Delta Force o7
Hail Soa o7 Hail TNM o7 Hail Densus o7 Hail HDP o7
Nice article o7
where is KFC?
OFC o7
OFC o7
Hail Galactic Army of Ukraine Smile
Nice Article! Hail SoA
Now remove Diesel and you are getting down to 5th/6th place lmao
please no imgur Sad
OFC o7
KFC o/
Top 3 MU : Diesel Force Son of Celiyoda Kentucky From Chaos
Votado. Marlock was here
OFC o7
KFC o7
SOA DF o7 KFC o777777
Mejor se deberian de llamar Disel Force y Celio MG ANARCHY
Outer Heaven o7
Hail Delta Force o7