Shilling for Shillings

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Signed, Diesel, CP of USA
Signed Kirito, Is MoD the Perú
Love is all you need. (c)
Signed by Safer, so it must be kept true o7
Good job. Finally, diplomacy fix the misunderstanding.
bla bla bla..
Signed by me
Really? What does the Usa win? What does the alliance win? This fuck directly to México as an ally!
Signed, IsaakSirko, Cp of PERU
Mexicans, calmos. You also have battles against Brazil. We will support you there.
Signed by black pen
signed by confusedveh :/
@Cypher the help is appreciated! But you tell me if you..Would you like the same thing to be done?
Kheee :V
i can see someones are going back to their job . . . #NoTears @NoCry #NoLoosers
@Kuate If it is globally-speaking better for the alliance, yes.
signed by generous god
Gringos traidores, no me sorprende en lo más mínimo , voy a lloriquear como peruano diciendo que van a matar mi comunidad y mamarrachadas por el estilo
(? #Labatitadidnothingwrong
Pax usana