Countryball Report

eVokasi - Newspaper from Serbia -

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Death to s4s !
I’m not Diesel -.-
not funny but ok.
This is the realest article ever written
S4s please
Ace sorry, I made an mistake lol Laugh
s4s o/
sub 157, sub back plz :d
Death to f s4s spammers
Too late !
stop crying!!!
Look how many articles I did and got only 51 subs : just never did sub4sub or v4v thing
Agree I get so many alerts for subed news, I dont even open them until I see some goog title or wrtiter I now, like Countryballs report... SO keep up a good work Vokasi Smile Wont eve strart with spaming inbox....
We should wipe every country where there are more than 1 s4s newspapers in top.