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hello losers and winners

Axios Mortem alliance countries started invasion of Bulgaria today and won some battles but lost more to our soldiers .

behalf of the people of USA I promise , we wont let Bulgaria down.
people who couldn t defeat United Kingdom few weeks ago and only managed to do so only cause, Bulgaria and Croatia attacked Spain, the main supporter of United Kingdom, now are biting the hand that fed them.

stay strong , my brothers and sisters , we wont let you down , these snakes will pay for their betrayal , soon enough.

I salute you for fighting spirit

United we stand divided we fall

Hail Bulgaria

Hail USA

Hail Pantheon

a loser



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united we stand divided we fall o7
so badly written I cant understand sh... u drunk bre?
I told this to BrisBrycewqkjeaslkdja, I will say it here. Axios Mortem signed their death sentence. At least now their name will make a bit of sense.
I worked with what was Vendetta, not Pantheon.
Don t mess with the best, mouses! o7
@danider approved Laugh
Bris o7 AM o7
Governador Kiss Wink
U took it from Harry potter and the deadly hallows part1? Cheeky SMP
We are coming o7
Oh danider what an ambitions, u were planning wipe, and u could not win even 1 battle of capital, I know how u wanted it
@Ready Too Die Oh the inhumanity.. R.I.P English ... I genuinely have no idea what you were trying to say...
I am sure you don t know what we are planning because even if we let you come in Discord of Pantheon, you won t be able to read and understand what the plans are.
Vous deblaterez un tas immense de conneries à chaque article, votre stupidité et votre arrogance m impressionera toujours.
The enemies starts talkings about English when they lose wars/campaigns . . . #victory feelings
bulgaria pre crying period started xd
ნელა ზვიადი ხელი არ შეგეშალოსთ 😉