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Pantheon is without honor, Pantheon the breaker of oaths. Or at least that is the point-of-view of the so called alliance Axios Mortem, the new wing of Irregular Militia, in regard of Croatian DoW to Slovenia. A big nostalgy hit struck me, AA-NL and EU-NL is reborn into AM and IM... ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

The full story:

Letโ€™s start at the beginning. Some days ago, there was a meeting between Pantheon and Axios Mortem with agenda of clearing out the situation between the two alliances. It was decided that there will be no deal about peace and cooperation on alliance level. Neutrality was agreed and country-to-country relations were allowed. This lead to Greece signing MPP with France and Croatia making a rent-peace agreement with France.

Things were like that just on paper. Ireland signed with Georgia. Axios Mortem was constantly hitting in in RWs against Bulgaria, there were organized hits against Romania and so on. This does not sound neutral to me at all, especially on country-to-country level, because like I mentioned there was no alliance agreement. Neither Bulgaria, nor Romania did anything hostile against any member of Axios Mortem.

Even leaving that aside, the biggest problem was France not respecting their part of the deal with Croatia. The so called rent was not rent at all, because Croatia received nothing in exchange of their rent. Just the opposite. You can see for yourself what is the situation in the rent battles. The agreement is dead at this point. France can only blame themselves, Slovenia and Latvia...


Not to mention that Axios Mortem allied with Irregular Militia openly, which ends all the neutrality as well โ€“ all the MPP fights, all the DoWs and RWs from that point on are direct threat and out of any communication.

Multiple times I told the SC of Axios Mortem that for that there will be an answer. AM decided to proceed and if there is anyone that has guilt for the situation right now, that is Axios Mortem and especially Brisleain.

I forgot to mention the new allies of AM, Turkey and Iran, breaking their NAP agreements with us as well. So yes, maybe honor and morals are not the best characteristics of Pantheon and especially me, but that is fully valid for both AM and IM. So, grow some balls, stop crying and prove your point on the battlefield.

Supreme Commander of Pantheon,


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burn Pantheon babylon down !!!
they know only how to cry Laugh
Voted ! Those deals and NAPs that broke, the excuse is balance probably Laugh
Croatia have the oil region. How you say that Croatia received nothing in exchange of their rent?
Who are you, Nielton?
Nielton who made you speaker of those cry babies??
Croatia signed a NAP with AM. Croatia broke this NAP by declaring war on a member state of AM. English is hard, I know. I also fixed the Croatian deal, paid for the battle out of my pocket and Ireland did dmg for Croatia. If you truly think everything goes smooth, with everything, you re a fool. Grow some balls, don t break agreements because you lose battles. I am a lot of things, but I m not a liar nor am I w/o honour.
who cares about losing some battles to you crysleain why do you think anyone gives a fuck about your pathetic alliance?? you started a flame you will burn and English is not our native language but it is an international language we can do whatever we want with it not your language anymore we can write shit you can read cookie Wink
Yeah, they totally didn t DoW because BG has been losing battle after battle. This pathetic alliance outsmarted you, out maneuvered you, and is more organized than you.
The only thing you are better than us will be when I hand you the shovels to dig your own graves in the game - especially to you and Guepo.
Bris, I expected you had some brains but you dont. And dont hide behind those words, AM attacked opportunistically, and for this you will have your day. Trust me.
one of the reason why the game sucks right now is that all alliance leaders are kids
Opportunity? You attack Scotland when we were in a war. You and Diesel decided to keep the region, and not attack the UK further. One battle. You are opportunistic af.
Cyrsleain we are fighting at a stable rate of damage for months now I wanna see when your pahtetics stocks of 2 months farming are over who will outmaneuver who we are really patient people all I see in you is a person who is drowning and tries to take down everything and everyone with him just to save his own ass Wink
Nielton is a good guy with honour, in contrary of you pantheon
If you wanted Scotland so badly, maybe you shouldn t have taken 6 weeks to wipe a country while we were fighting 6 countries at once. Nobody with brain will say USA doesn t deserve our bonus.
Guepo, DTCP Wink
thanks for mentioning the surprise fuckery ireland did by making OHs on romanian resource regions when ireland was neutral ... real outsmarting and outmaneuvering there lol Laugh
@DamaChen, let s not forget how right after the hit against Romania, they did sent Ukraine to point you out to make an agreement with them. QED He was not forced to sign... He did and now the self same CP is going back on his word. No excuses he has no honour...this will be held over him for the rest of the game no matter the outcome of the conflict. This stain will never wash out.
Great article
Croatia have the oil region. How you say that Croatia received nothing in exchange of their rent? I ll cry in Bulgarian Funeral.
So you treatend Brisleain and when he showed resistance you decided to write an article.. Pathetic ๐Ÿ˜‚
Crynider CRYING haha
WHO ARE YOU IN THIS GAME?????????????????????????????????????
Unlike you my life is not affected if I am someone or noone in some random game for some unknown people ๐Ÿ˜‚
I like trains
Danider, we know that u r a hater, a kid and a crybaby
Lets be honest - Pantheons rhetoric was too heavy to stay neutral... logical moves, yet USA wanted same neutrality when they wanted to attack Ireland from me yet I was in alliance with Ireland, but when your country get same level of request - you simply look it as pathetic request. Well #DoubleStandartsPantheon
Well, without reading this - seems like you agree to the fact yourself, but do not want to admit it. If the issue was bullshit, nobody would bother commenting. But here we have (an attempt of?) some facts manipulation, based on walls of text. Remember simple rule: if you cannot express your thoughts regarding in-game politics with a simple meme, most likely you are a liar.
Btw, you have an overwhelmingly huge narcissism, which looks kinda strange. If I were your friend, I would feel embarrassed right now.
Crynider haha.
Meanwhile, people who express their stance by only adding a cry prefix to your nickname are just primitives. You all worth each other, I should say.
@uladzimir Yeap I am a primitive guy! Do you like? @danider who are you brigadier?
@Yoda, I mean, there could me more sophisticated arguments. While danider is definitely overreacting, I just hope he is permanently drunk, otherwise I do not know what to think.
Lol danider is always saying ยซย who are you in this gameย ยป, but i donโ€™t have any idea who the f*ck he is
Don t try to reason with this guy, he has autism