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Hello Dear Players,

What do you think might comes after Training Ground Q5 upgrade on Day 90? We all know that it s not the end of our gold-saving-cycle. After searching through images database on this server, I found some old images from eRev1 that are copied to this server as well. There are Submarine and Shipyard images, but since we know that there won t be any Naval regions in this server, I exclude them.
First, Tank Factories (Q1-Q5)

Second, Helicopter Factories (Q1-Q5)

Third, Life Kit Factories (Q1-Q5)

Fourth, Energy Center (Q3-Q5)
Comment below your prediction about the building that might comes first (only one building). Anyone who comment the right answer (after Admin publish article about updates), will be given 100 Weapon Q5 within 3 days after Admin s article o/. Vote and Subscribe to get another breaking updates! Good luck o7



Comments (29)

o7 Life kit structure would be!
Life kit
Life kit
Life Kit and Energy Centers , hail WeonFlux!
Hail life kit!
Nothing.. Laugh
Life kit is probably gonna be the next building upgrade
No one of thoses, it s the 5th option : )
All options mean visa
Visa everywhere
LK would be cool
Admin told in the beginning of the game; no naval battles, no ship building and no life kit building. So skip life kit building.
Probably Life Kits, dont always trust admins.
LK would be cool
Like Kit is life...
4th, EC Q3
Tank factories.
Energy center
Those images are there because the game is ofc a copy of server1 about them behing released thats another story
Lk not other pls
Its just a copy from e1
Trip Ticket Factories