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Published in Saudi Arabia - Social interactions and entertainment - 30 Dec 2018 14:00 - 4

Today i Got My crush for driving with plane. She always wanted to be pilot but never flied with actual plane. She is so gorgeus to me. I was ill for one year in hospital in Zenica and for one year she was there to take Care about me. I Got in love to her. But she loved My friend. I thought iz was over cos i was in bad shape before, bcos of illnes, but Today i have good job, enough money, and Today should be Day when she would realize that she is gonna be Mother of My children. God helped me Today bcos all Day Long was fog and cold but at time we should be in air iz was so clear and Sunny. Really amazing Experience. I prepared everthing. I Sent My parents to visit familly so get house alone with her. I prepared condoms and even viagra Just to im press her for first time. But the moment we touch ground she was on the Phone with My friend Who already Got gf and he was making her sad. I finnished Day in so bad emotions. I dont know what to do, what to think.  Now i am looking OUR beautifull pictures on mobilne, listening sad radio songs. I Just want to have luck so i van make someone happy.
This is only place i can Use to Anonimously hear opinions. 
I Really could Use good advices. 



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feels bad man , go find new girls : (
dont run after buses and girls it will pass the next
Hajd i na nasem hahah
+1 count zero, even it s available also as: never run after buses and boys...