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A Great alliance with Great Leaders o7
Thanks for the kind words my CP SC. And I love that song. 😁
Yee haw!
To be fair, the growth and survival of AM after month 1 is actually very impressive. Nobody expected the alliance to survive after some of the strongest countries left, and lots of people on both sides thought AM would fold into Pantheon. The fact that it didn t, then managed to grow to become a major alliance is an achievement.
Respect Ireland AM o7
All hail our Supreme leader Brisleain! You have done an amazing job! Thanks to everyone in Ireland and all our loyal allies! Together we can make a difference. I m prod to be a part of this and to serve in any way that will benefit Ireland and our alliance. Great article and thanks for the mention.
Bigger letters next time please
On wards and upwards forever AM
AM reminds me of fortuna. Keep the good work
Great article, great job with Ireland and AM !
good luck keep up the good work though I didn t read all of the article ,too long to read but I got the general idea Laugh
Nice, v +s