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First they critcised NL about bad coordination, diplomacy and organisation at the end of WW1.. And now when we put effort for AM to join us, they are using threats just to keep them off the battlefield. This is the way Pantheon wants to play game? To yet again have overpower on second largest alliance in game, because why should we be evenly matched and have more fun game when they can farm.

Let me be first to announace their victory so they can drop more stuff in comments about how bad we are organised etc etc 😂😂😂


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Re-read it twice. What s the purpose of this article? o_0
Ne prdi po člancima i srećna nova godina svima!
No one is threatening AM lmao
Purpose of this is to show everyone how childish you are and is so good actually that even you dont understand ypur actions
@Crnobradi, Good for you. You want a cookie?
i suggest admin forbids Pantheon citizens to use weapons too, so we have some balance.
Their resources are low now and start to cry about balance. Guys hiring OFC true cut some bonuses at Pantheon side but a lot of money of your side Lol
IMAM stronk
Kill Pantheon now!
The butthurt is strong, wow.
Most aren t butthurt. They just point out the hypocrisy and double standards some of Pantheon have shown.
Leave them Kobble, they dont understand it since they are the one doing it :/
Yes, leave us and pet Crnobradi on the head, he needs some comforting
Make OFC its own country
I would not say that none is threatening AM - ask itso about his messages to me about how he wants some regions and that he can get them with force anyway (pretty much few weeks ago but still I don t like rhetoric like Russia apply in real life to me in any way)... so PortugasAce apparently you don t know situation even in your own alliance if you say that no one is threatening me since Im deeply in AM Smile
You dont understand, everything is game tactics , so stop pointing out contradictions and try to actually win 😉
I just destroyed one tactic - to misslead something... Smile
Except people have been hiring OFC and spending VISA long before the war started. Try again
What s wrong with hiring OFC? Everyone should do it Laugh