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How to easily complete Travel Missions 101

Like many of you. Last few days I ve discovered a way to complete the travel mission
without traveling to 10 or 50 different countries depending on what mission you re on.  

First, Open the first region in a different tab (Where you wish to move preferably capital)

Move to the region you wish to move for the first time ^

Second, Open the second region in a different tab (Region your Country owns preferably Capital)

Move back to your Home country ^

Refresh the first page
Refresh the second page 



For the basic mission, you should spend a total of 200 BG and 200 USD. 

For mission 35, 1,000 BG and 1,000 USD will be needed.  The best method to complete the mission is to trade CC between a friend from another country.  


Don t have a friend? 

No worries USA is selling USD at a cheap rate of 0.014g/per

Cube News Rates USA as having #1 Strongest Economy In-game

1. USA
Food : 100 % | Weapon : 100 % | House : 100 %

(Need a Newspaper to Sub for Mission 37 ? Seven Seas pledges to publish only quality content)


Bulgarian warrior

Comments (17)

turkey cc rate is 0.011 its best for travel
Nice one
Bulgarian cc rate is 0.012 !
With friends you can travel the world
you have countries with 0.012-0.013 cc rate, so USA is expencive xD
@Piko CC + Full Bonuses :3
But @Ace,when i do holidays i want to relax not work :thinking:
Tnx Ace, great tip!
if you spend 2000cc to win 500cc and 100 q3 food ..... you r loser.... Smile
oh, what a hacker XD
@Dama You know it too :wink:
Nice tip thanks!
Seems like bug in the game
The best way to travel around erev2 world - use another players cc. do not use your own cc
for win 100 food q2 + 100 weap q2 are crazy spend this money Wink