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Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 4 years ago - 19

2 days ago i got a message from a mod. You can see the pic below. I got two hours comminication ban because of twitch link. Game mod consider it as a external advertising.


You were blocked from communication for 2 hours for advertising external sites (twitch), which is against the eRev2 Rules. Please read the rules at https://www.erev2.com/en/rules page, and refrain from such actions in the future. Thank you.

Happy New Year and kind regards,

And today i got another message from other game. I wont say that game name in here but everbody knows it. You can see what is in that message.


Dear player,

we are inviting you to join newly opened server of our favorite browser game: eRevollution 2! Dont miss out on registering at the very start, and discover everything we have prepared for you!

eRevollution 2 is a multiplayer strategy game that combines all the things we love from eRevollution 1, together with some brand new updates, mostly given by our respected players. With a changed world map and different resource distribution, we did our best to offer you a similar, yet completely different gaming experience, thus putting all your strategic, diplomatic and economic skills to a test. Write eHistory, lead your country to victory by conquering other countries, build up the economy, defend your homeland, make connections with other players, be the spark of change and strive for the best. All of that and much more waits to be discovered.

Follow us on Facebook and Discord for announcements and news of any kind. Discord is also the main meeting spot of our community, where we share ideas, suggestions and critics together.

Your nation awaits you!

http:// /2r7C9m2

When i get this message i got curious and opened bit link and there was a ref link. Are u curious too about who is the one sending ref link from other game? GhuU was the one who sending link and when i opened his profile i surprised because he was a mod. i take ss because may be they can take mod status from him immediately.


Now we are waiting from them to be fair to players. I m asking all of you any mod who is doing this kind of things can be fair to players?

Admin answer


No comment its your call.

Votes and Subs will be appreciated


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[Akturk]About Mods https://www.erev2.com/en/article/2623
Lmao, like I said a few days ago: This mod is not good, it is obvious. Smile
Waiting for your rebuttal admins :3 Plz don t delete the article that s low
@GhuU Sad
*tension intensifies*
Confirming profile 191 of GhuU Smile)))))))))
mods working hard on BB
Damn.. got slap in the ass!
I told she is bad mod after 1st 10 days of the game Laugh
Keyword = external
So its forbiden to have 2 acc? But if u are good with admin u can have 2 acc and both mod ahahah shit game :-)
@djurdjo They are not the same person =)