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Now that the first day of training ground upgrade is over, I would like to give you an update on how many players have upgraded their facilities as well as demonstrate how countries evolved in getting its players at new levels.

Using the standard eRev2 API, there is no way to know whether a player has upgraded or not his/her traning grounds. However, I took a different approach which may give us a glimpse on what happended yesterday. Bear in mind that this method may give us only aproximate numbers, not exactly numbers.

Approach used was to compare how many strength each player gained from Dec 2nd to Dec 3rd. If a player got 26+ strength increase, I considered that a player with training ground upgrade.

Let s stop talking about methods, let s go to numbers. Are you prepared?

First table shows number of players by country with upgrade ranked by percentage of total players. Notably we can see top 5 countries being: Malaysia, Ukraine, India, Latvia and Brazil. Brazil is the only big country to achieve more than 40% players with players upgrading their training grounds.

Second table shows number of players by country with upgrade ranked by number of players upgrading their training grounds. Here we see the strength of big countries, following close country damage power: Bulgaria, USA, Brazil, Serbia and Spain.

Using this approach, total number of players upgrading their training grounds was 832 which would represent an astonishing total of 307,840g invested ingame. This is equivalent to 732 packs of 420 golds. Make you own calculations to see how much in flux has been generated with this single event.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Good job tho =)
Now everyone is broke lol 😂 missions rewards are somewhat good. Game will probably stagnate for a week or 2. Wages will certainly take a hit.
great article o7
oh man you did great job again o/
Nice article
Really Good Job
Actualy some mission give us strength. Also some people may forgot to upgrade before trained. Will be more acurate if see statistic for several days. Good job at all.
Awesome as always
Excellent work
Don t forget the mission Smile
Alcek s right... surely numbers are a bit off, but still AWESOME effort in this article... Would be silly to not support it
this article is wrong, many players added +26 strength for the missions. There are very few players who could improve the training field.
Boa gabiru!!!
Good job bro! o7
Yes. Makes sense this figures are to high. Missions ruined the article. Cheeky