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In order to retake good relationships between Iran and SA, the government of Iran deep apologize for their mistake sending DoW law to Saudi Arabia. The approval of that law was becouse lack of information between the Iranian Government and the congress. The help of Saudi Arabia has always been valuable, also for Iran, that for Irregular Militia.

To continue good relationships with a valuable friend, a deal between countries was made, which consist:

-Regions of UAE and Qatar will be held by Saudi Arabia and Greece Respectively.
-Iran will maintain all his core regions, any region that has been taken before, will return to Iran by RW (regions took by SA or Greece).
-Iran and Saudi Arabia will sign peace and end hostilities.
-Iran and Greece will sign peace and end hostilities.
-Any kind of missunderstanding will be solved by 24 hrs diplomatic processes first, with directly intermediation of IM HQ.

The deal will last 30 days starting from Day 91 to Day 121, then the countries must coordinate to renew it.

Irregular Militia is glad diplomatics solved this issue.

Signs of CPs in Comments.



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Skere o/
buena onda los qlos : )
Signed by cp of Iran
well written
Signed by Beerus CP of Saudi Arabia
Signed by Safer, President of Greece