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Welcome to Marketplace Brazil

In this article will be listed the prices for certain items.  The prices quoted are of the Official Market of Brazil and USA, that can be used for further analysis and comparison with the prices offered in parallel market.

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BrazaJackson Dias

Comments (8)

Brazil monetary market is not as stable as USA. These prices are not comparable.
Ontem a cotação de Gold/CC era de 0,017, hoje está em 0,012, não existe uma estabilidade muito firme no valor para fazer uma comparação dessa forma.
@Mr Gabiru 749, @RPTerra94 // For this reason in each article I place the quotation day, today s is 91st day, :p
@RPTerra94 Porque me tiraram? Porque eu sei que vc nao tem vergonha e voce volta! Lembra hahahahaahah depois te mando nude!
Passira is scammer!
Manda aí, tô esperando!