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Victory in México

The could-be-called first victory achieved by Irregular Militia in the WW2 against Pantheon (Because we also had victories in other fronts like India) was the campaign of South America and Mexico, held by Brazil and Perú from the start of the alliance till now.

The Peruvian Vietnamite tactic

When the alliance started, Peru was heading a 20-day cruel and hard war against Mexico. The longest and more ineffective war Pantheon ever had: The blitzkrieg, hard-used tactic in that alliance,had failed, and Peru succesfully made a huge resistance in Peruvian and Bolivian cores, and by the way, made an alternative country in the Regions of Chile-New Zealand and Australia.

At the start of the IM alliance, Pantheon prooved the effectiveness of Irregular militia by a heavy assault to crush Allied and Peruvian will: the triple attack of Queensland -NSW and Santiago. After this victory, the wipe of the PTOed Australia and the retake of the Peruvian initiative was clear. The Vietnam tactic of Peru, succesfully proof that the fast-heavy assaults of Pantheon was not unbeatable as it was stated in the aftermath of the 1WW.

After winning initiative, the recover in South-America was faster and progressive: Mexico resisted in Bolivia, while several RWs started in Peruvian and Colombian territory. In less than a week Mexico was out of Peru and Bolivia cores and facing an assault in Colombian colonies.

By this moment, Brazil finally ends his 30-day NAP with Mexico, and started the invasion of México.

One of the several Peruvian tactical ambushs

Battle of Queensland

Battle of New South Wales, a decisive allied victory to wipe Australia.

Battle of Santiago, the failed try of take down the Peruvian Southern Capital, Santiago.

The Brazilian Btizkrieg

In 2 days the Mexican regiment in Colombia fell by Peru assault, while Brazil started the core battles in Mexico s lands. The Brazilian advance was unbeatable, unstoppable: Mexico wasn t even enemy to face a potence like Brazil, and also was already very wasted becouse of the SouthAmerican front.

Phanteon tactics were limited in Mexico: the whole world is on fire and USA already started a campaign in Asia, while Bulgaria and the rest of european countries were under a huge IM pressure. Anyway, it s still on debate, the lack of Pantheon help at the very start of the Brazilian invasion.

After the 4th day of succesful campaign in Mexico, USA headed the Mexican resistance, one of this main battles, the only one won by Pantheon, was the battle of Central Mexico, in which the USA and OFC support, plus a Q3 DS had to be neccesary to stop SOA energic advance. Despite of this, Brazil effectively faced the counter-attack, and advance again: Central México would be the last bastion of Pantheon in this war.

The day arrived and Brazil faced again a Pantheon defense at central Mexico: with some smart moves, the presence of OFC was limited this day, and the USA help wasn t enough to hold the SOA decisive and final stab.

The fell of Mexican Capital, Ciudad de México

The battle of Central México, the OFC presence plus a Q3 DS were decisive to defend Mexico

The 2d Battle of Central Mexico, the last región of Mexico.


This is the first official Pantheon Country in being wiped.
IM knows the total WW2 continues and this is even the start, but prooving Pantheon can bleed, obviously put a little smile on our faces.

This is not considered a victory by itself because the only real and complete victory will be after the end of WW2. The title of the article is in response of This Article and a small proof what a country/alliance don t have to do, if an enemy country didn t fall yet. IM promotes the respect and fair act between countries and alliances, and a gentle, respectful behaviour makes the real mans.

IsaakSirko, IM MC.


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