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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the New Server
Here we are going to have An Analysis of Erev 2 Countries POWER
As u know We have a Training Battle going on by the Analysis of The Battle Results We can Understand many Things About what is going in this new Server
We have 3 Parametr in This Statistics 
First Number of Hits Done by a country that in my opinion Refers to that Countries Population Power 
We can Call it "MAN Power"
The Second Parametr Is The Total Damage done by The country 
And The third is Damage/Hit Done by the players of diffrent Countries
As U see Below We here have the table Containing all of there 3 Parameters
I have Removed Countries With Super God Visa Players like SouthKorea and Azerbaijan And UK
and here is The table of The Top Military Countries around erev2 until today
As The Greatest Man Power is now in Hands Of Bulgaria The Most Damage is Done by them Till now in the Table But Peru Has The Highest DMG/Hit Radio u See the most important Factors For Dealing Higher Damage for a Country Is The Active Population number !
Peru with Great fighters With More than 244 Damage per hit Couldnt Reach Near Bulgaria Or Serbia Damage
But lets Do not Forgot VISA players Play a Very key role in game As u See their effect on Southkorea Dmg
Lets not Forgot about the Countries that were always Great Powers in this Kind of games like IRAN which the players there can not buy gold easily from site because of the real world sanctions but they will grow slowly into one of the Effective countries of the world
We all Also know that a country No matter how much is its MAN Power or how much Supergod Visa Players that it has can not beat the world By its own ... Thats the Reason Alliances will be Formed 
Really Excited to See How will Alliances Form in this Server 

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