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Can someone please explain to a n00b what are the rules about starting the RW? Anywhere I go, I either get an error that the battle cannot be started at this time, or that I have to wait for a number of hours.

Obviously, a lot of RWs are being started because of the mission, so I am struggling to understand what are the rules.

I ve been trying to use erev2 tools, and I ve seen that RWs have been started in a particular reasons every two days, but when I try to start a RW (last RW was 4 days ago), I get the above named errors.

So, how do I plan ahead where to go and start a RW?



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I opened the newspaper just to have someone explain this to me in the comment section
You can open a rw If you are located in the region where you want toate open, have 15g, and there îs no other rw in this country. For example If Russia have a rw opened against Bulgaria You cannot open another in Rusia against Bg. So only 1 rw country against country. Another rule is, after a rw finished you need to wait 24 h before to be able to open another rw
many tnx 777v, I will try to apply this next time I am RW hunting Laugh
Rw hunting îs not so good you loose 10 g even If you won. Rw only for missions or If your country need it( or enemy need IT) lol