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 I finally reached S.Arabia desert with my escort from Black Berets. So we continued towards Hail capital of this sand country. After 10 minutes we saw huge cloud of sand going towards us - fcking sand storm - i said and stop our vehicles. Slowly we started to realize that sand cloud isnt sand storm and that some vehicles and helicopters  approaching us, my guys immediately switch into combat positions and we awaited their arrival. 5 golden hummers stop on 20 meters from us  and guy come out.

-Sir Ainz i am PomamA Captain of Brotherhood of Steel and i am here on orders of my commander to escort you to his harem.

Captain of Brotherhood of Steel: PomamA 


I ordered my guys to lower weapons and get in vehicles so we can follow young captain. After few hours we finally started to see city before us, PomamA who was with me in car explained to me that commander of  BoS dont live in city because screams which comes  from his harem dont let regular citizens sleeps at night.  Half hours later we arrived in front of castle with high walls, BoS members was everywhere armed till teeth and i saw on every tower per AA gun to make sure no one disturb nigh entertainment of their Lord. We entered palace.

Gold.Status.Power.Military strength and beautiful womens. Anyone who entered this palace could sense and see this so me and my escort continued to main hall.

-Harisharko: Gde si bolan Ainz sunce ti poljubim nisam te video sto godina.

-Ainz: Evo me brate Harise dosao na te cevape sto si zvao :D

Commander of BoS and Prime Minister of Arabia: Harisharko


My welcoming party started with a lot of drinks and food and girls and Haris started to present me his slaves i mean cabinet of Saudi Arabia first was their current President ( read puppet )

Country President of S.Arabia: Lord Beerus


Minister of Defense: Benito Amilcare M

Minister of Education: rz88

Then i noticed crowd started to separate to make path for someone, when i look better that was my old friend Salah ad din Yusuf with bunch of oiled naked guys around him as always.

-Ainz: Gde si Salahudine protuvo stara - i said till we hug-  Sta ima?

-Salah: Ooooo Ainz evo me brate vodim racuna da ovaj Haris ne potrosi sve na alkohol i zene nikad mu dosta...

Governor of S.Arabia: Salah ad din Yusuf

We spend some time in chat and i asked Haris where is his MoFA Narlindir aka NAR, he said he went on trip to Bosnia since war between them and Serbia still raging. I was disappointed since didnt have chance to meet him but Haris introduced to me his deputy.

vMoFA of S.Arabia: Mr II

After wild night with my Arabian hosts me and my escort left Saudi Arabia. Where? You will know in next article ;)






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