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Good evening, eRevollution2 players!

Here I am to announce the departure of Greece from Pantheon as they were kicked out of the alliance today. There is history to this event, so I am going to present you with some facts to explain how everything happened.

First, I am going to clear out that Greece didn’t leave Pantheon. Pantheon kicked Greece after an insolent try of Greek CP, petros2, to blackmail the USA. I don’t know what meeting the Greek government had – maybe to clear out the details how they will push the USA to sabotage the whole Pantheon?

First I am going to show you the proof that Greece was kicked out of the alliance before Petros could try to wash his hands with an announcement of leaving:

Second, I am going to show you how petros2 tried to sabotage the alliance and to blackmail one of the best allies of Greece – USA:


How it all began?

Greece became a member of Pantheon after long time communication between Greek gov and people from our alliance. It was about time for that to happen. After Greece joined, under the great guidance of Safer, the country took part in various military operations which contributed to the success of Pantheon and the establishment of the Greek bonuses and economy – 80%/80%/100% with potential for more. The alliance fully supported the idea and worked on Greece getting awarded for their performance.

Everything was perfect.

Then the opposition of Greece was born (the present government), which started to work on sabotaging Greek relations with Pantheon. It began by constant fighting against Bulgaria in the region that was rented from Greece. Of course, that was not a big issue at all.

When Petros was included in the government of Greece, an amazing effort by the past government to stabilize the country and solve the conflicts, Petros demanded Greece to have a MPP with France. He declined to have MPP with their old ally Georgia, just so he can sign with France. It was a weird act, but it was presented as an opportunity to get inside Axios Mortem and possibly into Irregular Militia.

At the beginning everything was okay.

At one point, Greece started to demand more and more help to France so everything can work out better. It started to smell, but as we didn’t have problems, we decided to give them some breathing space. The times when Pantheon got in trouble came. Greece was asked to terminate the plan for infiltration, no matter that it had some success and here the problems started.

I don’t know why, but Greece started putting the priorities of the alliance behind to help France. At first, they controlled it at least a little bit, but in some cases, examples of which will be shown below, the sent to France damage that could win one or multiple Pantheon battles in the day. This happened once, this happened twice, this happened a lot.

Whether Greece was playing double game for both sides in the new World War or just Greece was really satisfied with the rising control they have in their hands, I don’t know.

Before we close the topic, let’s see some of the Greek adventures in the name France, while Pantheon countries were losing by few millions, like today Romania lost by around 20 million (Greece put 74 for France). 

Battle Link

Battle Link

Battle Link

Battle Link

We wish good luck to Greece in their future endeavors!

Best regards,
Supreme Commander of Pantheon,



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I’m not fired. I quit!
blackmail /ˈblakmeɪl/Submit noun 1. the action, treated as a criminal offence, of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them.
@Diesel xD
I do not show respect to people that talk behind my back Laugh Greece reached to the skies, but now only the future will show where this new path will go. Best of luck to Greece, it will be needed, The thief and traitor Laugh
It was about time..
Sadly, the moves of one `person`are going to brand countless honorable Greeks who are still in Greece, as traitors.
Inkietud máxima.
Looks LoLmerican MPPs and NAPs coming on payment.
Polare, ne sviraj u kožnu frulu.
petros i politika brateeeee
petros is just 15 years old kid he surely just wanted to help his boy friend Agui nothing else dont be hard on him Cheeky
When usa puppet run greece they was good Laugh now they are bad Laugh
Brzinska jeftina propaganda ne vridi više od dvi kune. Što su Grci bili loši da vas hvata nervoza?
@Djurdjo da , I don t remember US rigging anyones election results o_0
Yeah. The US TOTALLY didn t take advantage of the situation in the UK. I was promised help. Instead they took Scotland and did not communicate with me or my ministers. Then proceeded to IGNORE my people and their requests about Scotland. The US and PH are made on hypocrisy. The US betrayed Ireland and AM, left us. Shame.
Bryce logic: Not give free region = betrayal. Watch out Governador. You betray Ireland every day you refuse to give Azores for free.
@Brisleain Did we have an agreement with you or AM? xD
America logic: hire mods for dirty stuff
Cypher, svi smo mi kožne frule
@Petros, What s there to hide o_0 ? Is that a suggestion? Laugh
Hahaha, yeah guys. Your CP at the time told us it was ours and they had not interest. It was our region, and you know it. Opportunistic f.cks
Forgive us. We must have forgotten the part in the USA-Ireland treaty that said only Ireland can benefit from the First World War. Catch 22 subparagraph A.
Hide your CIA plans with brazil, and lotta more dirty stuff 🙅‍♂️
Shit petros is onto us. Governador and me are secretly planning to kidnap admin but now we’re discovered.
Petros bla bla greece bla bla bla france pantheon blackmail bla bla doubleside
Yes the US did so much. They attacked once while the UK was occupied other battles then decided to stop and kept the region. your contribution to the war effort was REALLY felt dude. Cmon, I know you aren t this dumb.
Hugs for all!
How about fighting 6 nations at once so they can’t fight you? In contrast to you putting 4 nations on one country and still not winning until NL collapsed. The golden rule of getting bonuses - if you want them, you have to actually win.
Bonuses always come before friendship. Gotcha. Yeah, you made our war last x2 longer than it needed because you f.cked us.
Yeah all zero hits the USA did for UK really fucked you. Nobody from AM can claim USA didn’t pull our weight in that war. We were weak country back then and the main front for NL attacked by 6 countries at once and still won. It’s Ireland and not UK that rules Britain because Pantheon did all the real fighting, and now you complain about 1 region. Then we cut you off voluntarily to restore game balance fully expecting a fight. We never wanted your friendship because we never wanted to sit back and kill the game by farming.
traitors x2
What a drama...
Bye Greece, see you. xoxo Laugh
Me vazelo CP den pas mprosta. Nomos.
Top 10 anime betrayals.
Que haces pegando por la lisiadaaaaaaaa
no one cares really
Finally, some interesting treason.
That Greece dmg on other side is OFC dmg
ček tu se svađaju ameri i petros, gdje je ostatak saveza haha
it was already obvious that greece wanted to get out xD you can pretend you fired them all you want but it does not change the truth lol
Good job petros o7
pantheon is in deep *problems* xD
Thats my dmg ,and i think im mercenary Cheeky
Greece take position of future o7 good job guys o7 I love you
Don t talk about dirty shit, lol. You guys fucked me in Iceland after we had a deal. No way worming out of that one. We we re going to have a surge of players move over from Bulgaria but USA and Bulgaria threatened to go to war over this. You wanted to control me for your own petty games and then still attacked regardless of me telling them to stop accepting citizenship.
Pantheon reched Spain and now you are just finding excuses why you traded Greece for Spain! Ps. Shame on you Spain to having any type of relations with Pantheon, the same alliance who got you deleted, really shameful move from you, you as few other countries experienced the overpower in game and you still decided to do it.
Gonite te sve svoje saveza duboko u g.......
mac1990 gde ti vidiš ovdje amere Laugh
ohaa amk... neler olmus la buralarda