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Good evening, eRevollution2 players!


Here am I to re-edit the last part of the article of ma brodani which was literally senceless because most of the parts were inaccurate or they were completely wrong If you are intrested here is my first edit of his article.


He shared numerous battle links and screenshots of the Damage that was dealt but in the country tab.

I had the honor to host one of my best friends in these kind of games, ChrisGeoRM, who as we know he claims himself as mercenary and he is commander or he was ,anyway, in the mercenary unit, Order FYRoM Chaos. The OFC was located in Bulgaria but after some issues they moved to the exotic country of Brazil, motherland of Neymar :D

as you, friends and plebs you can see, Chris joined Greece at the date of 26th of December and he left to Brazil at the 5th of January: 


You may wonder now what Chris has to do with my issue.

at panthenot;s article we can see the Damage spared in the battles of 

1. Aquitaine
2. Castille
3. Aragon
4. Centre-Val de Loire

in 4 battles in which OFC was hired.
I personally asked Chris to send my ss of his damage in these battles:

1. Aragon: 10 mill dealt by chris from the total of 14 mill of the greek DMG
2. Centre-Val de Loire: 3 mill dealt by chris from the total of 10 mill of the greek DMG





Φτιαξε ενα τσατ στο ντισκορντ και καλεσε οποιον θελεις, και εμενα. @petros2#5559 το ID μου, και την επομενη φορα να σκεφτεσε πριν μιλησεις. Ξεφτιλας ειναι οποιος εχει αυτο το σημαιακι στο profile του και υποστηριζει την τωρινη κυβερνηση των Ηνωμενων Πολιτιών. 

Best regards,
Supreme Τraitor of Panthenot,


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