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So, what’s your name? Introduce yourself?

Yo. My name is Petros, I m 16 yo ‘n’ in live in Athens, Greece, and I identify myself as Hellen. I like being salty and PRAVOSLAVLJE DOLAZI SA JUGA o7. In total from all the sister-games, I played the first erev and the fre . For the moment I am Supreme Commander of Panthenot and simultaneously President of the Hellenic Empire :D

Greece is one of the recent members of PTN and the first country to leave PTN. Are you not afraid of receiving a traitorous label...if not why?

Lol. Let me correct your question because it’s inaccurate. Pantheon kicked Greece. We didn t leave. To be honest, IDC what Pantheon ppl think because 50%+ of the US gov members flame me n hate me. We were kicked for protecting our relations with a foreign country, by my side. From the other side I was told we were going against the interests of the Alliance, which is completely STUPID from the time Croatia stopped the war with France. I can open my logs in discord to show you the shameful reaction of the HQ of your alliance to me after my open letter which you were the first man I sent. I was named traitor and spy, time ago your dear vSC, Cypher, kicked me from your beautiful alliance. Could be the first 5-10 days we were in the alliance :P

You ve consistently brought up your relationship with France In regards to your recent departure from PTN. Must be a strong bond right there. Can you explain the relationship between the two nations?

In regards our recent kick from Pantheon, as I said in the previous question, the war was senseless. Pantheon could focus on protecting more for the upcoming wars with IM and not protecting a country that was wiped by them a month ago. I wouldn t like to be in the place of the Spanish President and to ask help or even to be backed up from the countries that wiped my country and humiliated me at the peace agreements. Spain now faces a difficult situation because there is no actual president. For the answer to your question is not about France. I would defend every country who we were having good relations from the start of the game, in this case, since Vendetta’s creation, and we helped each other without having benefit for ourselves, unlike pantheon, that for us was a new alliance and from being there I spotted exploitation from some countries against the weaker ones.

How would you describe Greece treatment while it was a member of Pantheon?

Greece was humiliated in front of all the former now allies. From the time being members we were not supported enough in our campaign versus Turkey. I am not the one who shares this point view with me, there are people in the US and in Greece who believe that. There were battles in which I personally asked for support and my request was rejected. I started changing opinion for Pantheon from the time we lost a decisive battle with Turkey for some millions while the USA overkilled 100 million the same day in a battle versus Indo and the response I took from my complaint was “I don t risk”. That day I spoke with Cypher in private for the situation in Greece then, and he called OH the last minutes but not a successful one. Tho i keep my personal beliefs and I thank him for his help. Now from once, we were kicked, I was called names in PM’s and etc, there was an article of Pantheon, against me personally which I responded 2 times but their propaganda was well-secured. From our time in Pantheon, I want to keep only the relations with Romania, which I still keep liking them.

You managed to beat a sitting president in an election. The move to leave PTN ... was it fulfilling a campaign promise or matters bigger than that?

Bro, my plans were to stay in pantheon, but for sure we were not happy with Pantheon s treatment to Greece. So one of our first actions was to arrange a meeting with Pantheon s HQ in order to find a fair solution for our issues with them. Although, this meeting was never arranged since from the first day after my election I saw many insulting actions from Pantheon against us (i mentioned them earlier), and you can see the results of what happened, now...

What actions from PTN prompt you to make this drastic move? Especially while WW2 still continue to rage on.

I don t think that I have to answer that, the whole eWorld knows what happened after the propaganda against me and Greece, and the response I gave in my 2 articles.

What’s the next step for your Country Greece?

For sure stabilizing our foreign affairs and our economy. At the moment we have a high growth rate, unlike irl :P

Where do you see pantheons future in a couple of weeks?

For now, I focus in my country, and I don t really mind about any alliance s future. They have their HQ to think and decide about such things.

Thank you for asking me to be interviewed (: .I’m sure one of the most controversial ppl atm all over the world, that’s why don t expect for a lot of votes.


Reached out to Danider and ChrisGeoRM for interview. One of the two will be next my Interview. Hopefully Both :P



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Danider has agreed to an interview. Next interview will be Danider.Waiting for a response from Chris
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