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    eyo gentlemens, first if u are going to tell smth about my english, u have to know it s old joke and noone would be fun about it anymore xD

   - Geo is leaving IM . . . may u are waiting for Reasons, Argues, SSs and etc but i will not do that, in this case i must tell all about our plans, strategies, points and etc, and i won t it. The Reason? - the reason are some countries insine and some people, we won t those ppls and countries in our friendlist anymore. exectly reason? - bonuses? noh . . . Regions? noh . . . Personals? noh . . . . The reason is more important than any comfort of the game, we are not enought egoists to leave that great  campaign (actually we don;t leave that campaign) for those material reasons. 

  - may anyone from IM/AM blaming geo for that, don t do it guys, u don t have to blame us, we changed side and make the game better, PH did not have any problem to geo, but we did it ourselfs, now i can see what we have done, i can see the difference of the game before 1 month and Now, The One u have to say to Geo it s Thank u, and also i have to tell u Thank u, all off members of u, who were fighting for the idea, for the goal what we set ! 

  - well, again i have to thanks everyone who was party of this campaign, especially to Brazil, they helped us so much, but it s the war between alliances, not between countries. anyway we did great job. i don t know about future, but Now we are keeping fight againist PH. try to find problems in others, not in geo, we are always doing fair !

   no need more talks about it, have hope noone will force me to do that !

   Best Wishes 



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Goodbyeeeee Laugh
we are always doing fair !
Good luck guys o/
Hail Georgia o7
ატრო შე სირო შე მუტელო შე ზანგო Hail georgia hail friends but not rats
Hail georgia hail friends but not rats
HAIL Georgia o7
GL 07
Good for you Geo, there is no reason to stay in a toxic relationship
leave georgians alone Laugh
Good luck guys o/ HAIL Georgia o7
Georgia is a great ally! we will be together again!
good luck to lovely people of Georgia o7