The Seven Seas

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Alternative idea, just remove missions. Literally I have not met a single player that likes them. They are all pointless hassles that screw up economy and mess up game.
So we have 19 days to deal the damage we dealt so far since the creation of the server x) Sounds fair right? Is this a punishment for being high ranked? Thats 1.6k bars if you shoot with booster,if you count the daily energy too,its 1.2k bars .Thats insane ...
Hey! But, you will earn 30 EB Wink
Can you upload smaller picture, this is too large, i cant open it
Or make it a gold mission so people don t need to do this one to unlock last ones
can t see even if I zoom all the way in
@Kenchi its fixed now. Sorry bout that :/
well diesel here you go, i like them
Change! 👍
No one made article to show what is mission 92 - 30 -31 Sad
Good point!
meh, I just need 30M, easy peasy Laugh but looks bad for the tanks, which sucks; it s like a mission against the high paying players; it s bad business
You dont have to do anything. No one is forcing you. It is just for fun if you really want to.
What could admin do is to add some more time for us to finish missions. Yes we got far already, but we had whole week of x2 energy. Without that it goes slower.
Use your visa , amex , diners or Mastercard
A pazi sabana visu koriste stalno i sad kad im to dodje na naplatu placu jer ne mogu zavrsit misiju. When you use your visa its fine but when it s payback time you cry
For what visa are you talking about guys?So those that have higher rank use visa?xD
Aahahaha missions are intended for new players xD Don t use visa next time xd
Ye you shoot more you have higher damage all the advantages and now you have a problem and than you cry. New players sometimes needs a chance.
So in order to help new players,old players should not do the mission?Nice logic
Well mission should be more difficult for you. However since you donated money you boosted your account a lot so in order to keep a balance(since u are already boosted) you won t complete mission and you won t get 200 strength boost from golden missions. o7 xD
@Wolf72x ofc it should be more difficult.But do you see it reasonable to ask you to deal the same amount of dmg that u dealt since day 1 ,in just 20 days time period? x) Thats insane
Against These rewards serve low-level players or we do not put money
I like teh mission
Adm muy buen evento esto nos da oportunidad a todos
this is for all, if u do a lot of damage u need a lot of rank points, if u do less damage u need less rank points, unfair will be if just because the high ranking cant, remove the mission lol
@Primer i guess u havent checked the way rank system works on high ranks x)
huehue xd
Tears here, tears there, tears everywhere. Delicious tears for OP players 🍕
add gold to skip it ;P
Actually, most of the missions are silly and STUPIDS. Shame on Admins #StopDamnMissions Spellz is still a biatch !
as Tovar told me.. you have 20 days to do it... ok and after that??? Gold missions? hit 100 bars? or rank up again? i Support that we must buy gold/bars or etc. to support the game at all, but if they dont do anything about this mission will not see 1 euro from me and my friends anymore.
@Diesel i like all of them Laugh
use visa 69.90€ 40 000 e JUST DO IT NO VOTE / UNSUB
lol then change all missions Smile
@Lord Beerus the idea of missions is to can be completed without buying and the big mistake of admins is that this ppl who buy must buy more and this who isnt will complete it easy... i wont buy bars for mission and if mission is not changed i think to dont give more money here...
@Picaroon +1
Mdr 😂 Missions are fun and you are not oblige to do them. So if like whinning that s your choice but some players enjoy them simply and renounce to do the too expensive one .
@Beerus,even if i buy the 400 bars pack,i wont be able to do the dmg needed within 20 days.Even with double energy week,i will need 1k + bars. In our ranks,we need to do the dmg that we dealt before we ranked up.So now i have to do the damage of 99 days playing,in just 20 days.Seems reasonable huh?
Not a fair mission. Easy for some. Hard for others. It is a matter of luck. And I got no luck at all on this one. I am even behind Chris!
@chrisgeorm and picaron its not our fault its yours now take consequenses
@Diesel I like Missions
Geez, stop crying, the missions are fine
looooooool keep crying guys xD
So the fact that top players cannot complete one mission means that players with lower ranks should not? You are stupid, /thread
@Braza It s a perfectly fair mission. There s a lot of missions that is extremely hard to complete for newer or non visa players. This is the one exception. However, I think it would be a good idea to make it a gold mission.
Sure. Perfectly Fair.
@Visa players, for one time you won t complete a mission that small players will. Keep calm, the world won t end for that.