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We would like to remind you once again that our great nation is open to full scale immigration!

Apply right now, and your application will be approved, as soon as possible!


Super-effective bureaucracy, which makes the United States of America the most effective economic power in the world.

No trade barriers - The United States of America has no active trade embargoes.

World Market Centre - Buy, or sell products on our market. The U.S. is the capital of global trade. It is the most active marketplace in the world, with prices similar to the ones on the black market. Also, unlike the black market, you get your products, or money, instantly, without a chance of getting scammed. The U.S. currency is stable at all times, and one of the cheapest currencies in the world.

2nd highest industry profile in the world - The country owns 100% bonus on weapon resources. With our cheap currency, and manager tax of only 1 USD per company for the U.S. citizens, it is an economic heaven for bussinesmen.

Universal Social Care - Social care is common and easily available to all citizens.

The Government offers 30% assistance for training ground upgrades (all levels, except 5th) through 1-month loans.

All the U.S. citizens who establish, or upgrade, their companies in the United States of America, are eligible for the refund of 9% of their investment.

Opportunity to work for weapons, instead of currency.

Join Delta Force

Delta Force is recruiting new members! Join the strongest and most active military unit in the game!

Regular members get opportunity to buy Q5 weapons at cheap rate, during organized hits.

G-Squadron - Elite division within Delta Force. In order to join G-Squadron, you must donate gold for military unit supply system. Also, you have to use Discord, be disciplined, and be a team player.

G-Squadron members receive free supplies during organized hits!

Delta Force - Armored Division

Delta force has created the first dedicated Armored Division in the game.

As a member of the Armored Division, you are given anywhere between 250 and 1000 Q5 weapons for free, for every major battle.

The only requirement for joining and participating in the Armored Division is:

- 50 Energy Bars in storage, or
- A regular record of buying and re-charging Energy Bars

Secretary of Education, Interior and Homeland Security



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But be warned that US will soon get invaded and erased
@Marlock xD
Join US , live the American dream Wink
Please dont use imgur, we can see it from phone
I m an actual American and this is not the American dream. Real Americans are in Ireland.
Bryce is on fire :o
@Brisleain FALSE. I m RL American
According to Bryce, for me to be a real American like him my mom also has to be my aunt.
Diesel is not an American FYI, Ace is the only actual American they have meanwhile Ireland is full if Americans
That means we r in terrible and urgently need population Laugh Where is winner kaveh
Diesel is not an American LOL
Diesel propo :/
So Ireland is full of Indians? Cause these are the only real Americans
Real Americans are in Czechia Laugh
I better join Brazil, they give weapons q5 daily
@CarlosSlim23 - Go for it.
Propaganda again as always Laugh .... your losing bonuses and your so called great economy collapses soon don t advertise stuff with no future xD
@Mehdi Why you still in our MM xD
I won dv lottery but trump banned iranians ... I hate trump
This means - help USA, we will get wiped in few days if we dont have more members Laugh Laugh
Instead of taking players from other countries go work on ur babyboom...
Real Americans are located in all the whole continent; Brazil, USA, Colombia, Canada, Argentine, etc.
Dje si bonusi? xD
be an american and be erased soon Laugh
trump knows about this? - not so LOL now, aint it Ace Cheeky