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https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/497751563994005504/533931483426193426/Screenshot_20190113-095251.jpgHello dear Erev2 players, 
I think, I finally reached gold mission
. The color of mission is confusing me coz it is pink 😂, or it just seems like a pink color on my mobile phone screen. Anyway,in total there are 5 missions. Below you can see the pictures. 
First one is,
I hope, pictures are OK and we all reach these lvl of missions. Wish u all success. 



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I am coming soon o7
Welcome, gold missions are easier than normal missions 😂
mission 46 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Laugh
have you ss from last pack green mission
Again shit rewards...
Yes I have it also, but it ll take long time to find them
No strength rewards. So im fine not caring about this
5000 hit in a single battle - it means only one battle 5000 hits?
Well pink, gay is OK
@Hereli007 :yes.
I love that color ♡
I love your profile picture
Pirinç 😂
Oooo thanks admin
This f*cking suck Laugh Laugh How can we make 5000 hits in a single battle without visa?
Guepo Admin will share new info about 5k hit mission. I don t know where he will do it, it might be under my article or admin news, or he just make the changes, tell nothing and u see what to do
We need more time!
3k or 5k hits? In any case, almost impossible without purchase
bad prizes, it s not worth struggling to get on the goldens missions. the costs are greater than the rewards
Ohh is this zaraki kempachi from Blade
yes its not worth it
Adam hem golden missions a gelmiş hem de mobilden resimli makale yazmış. Heykeli dikilecek adam. Respect o7
Solar dikmeyelim heykel felan, köpek möpek, serhos iser, kuslar sicar üstüme 😂