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wll done Laugh
wtf xdd
Copy and paste the questions/responses in your article. It’ll look a lot better o/
We need more time!
SoA isnt a mercenary mu.Only OFC is and now IB (the new one).
SoA is not mercenary. But good job anyway. V+
edited -
why you call OFC bastards?
SoA is mercenary unit, because Celio pays them to fight, like he does to OFC.
TommyShelby +1 Admin put a cap of 20 gold donation and only one donation permitted daily, and kill mercs
@Jizus,its okay i accept rl money for our services
@ChrisGeoRM good luck with that Smile
I think he meant to say OFC and Inglorious Bastards, not OFC are Bastards
there was OFC,SOA and bastard then i edited. i deleted SOA
@TommyShelby Nope, SoA fight for Brazil and ally.
@TommyShelby may be u can call soa members as mercenary but u cant say soa is mercenary mu bc mu dont fight for money and dont fight against ally but ofc and inglorious bastard fight for everybody whitout limitation may be except against host country.