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Hello, everyone, today I would like to address an issue thatexcruciate many of the players also a huge number of those that already left the game. The issue is exactly the VISAs or specifically should it there be
limit on buying gold, energy bars and RPGs.

In my opinion, there should be one and I will let you knowwhy. It s a strategy game in the end of which the end of the battle should be the result of the number of players for that country, the strategy and
organization used, and not by a single player that bought for 2 minutes with
real money 400 energy bars and 4k RPGs and tank without any issue ... Don t you
think that in this particular way the game is becoming pointless for all other
non-VISA players ...

I have quite a few referals that stop playing the game andafter I asked them why, the answer was that the game is killing them ... Let me quote I collect resources a whole month and there is a guy that hits
everything daily and makes more than me for a battle. It s not
appropriate that there is a person stronger than 3-4 countries (strong ones).
If you want there to be no limit, make a third server for VISA only and let
them compare their manhood there ...

From the last days with the eRev pack for 10 euro everyonewants to have 2 more slots for companies but most people cannot afford that. This again stimulates only the VISAs ... Why haven t you think about the other part of the players and make the same offer for 50, 100 or 150 gold so everyone
can stay on the same track. In a moment the person spent most on the game will
be as strong as 50 normal players ... Do you think it s normal??? If you are
wondering who do I address as that player it is the VISA player Celio MG from
Brazil. If not clear he pull OFC in Brazil as he pays each week gold to them +
for every damage they make. If you ask me this is killing the game. If we all
become mercenaries on the map there will be only Brazil, pure fun with real
money to accomplish something and not with strategy and thinking ... Since
there are people willing to donate, let them but let s not kill the game and
non-VISA players. If there was such person in our team I would still write this
article, I prefer to have balance between VISA/non-VISA players and not like at
the moment!!!

I would like to ask you all, what do you think aboutit, do you think there should be limit on VISAs? Think about it because we all
play this game, what is the point for us if we are not usefull ... just some


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Should make game where players are sorted in 2 opposite sides - VISAs and others, so developers recive maximum output of this business Smile
Search a good work and you can get to a visa !
@Salah ad Din Yusuf The stars below my avatar are gift since I couldn t buy the bonus company grounds for 10 euro and I gave gold to one player just because it was not thought about all players and only for VISA ones, your note is not relevant you are just nagging about it
Without visa, you wouldnt play this game.
you forget balance in game for the last 3 month, don t cry now
i agree with you, visa players are killing this game, and the admin cannot see normal players are leaving and after that, when there is only visa players, the game will no longer be fun for the visa players too and then they will leave as well. ___ visa players are in need to feel they are stronger and better than others, therefore they buy their way for that, and when there is only visa players who play this game, there will be all equal and there is no point to playing this game for those needy players ! it is a psychological review ! i may be wrong ! discuss it and don t feel insulted, it was just an opinion !!!
The peak of hypocrisy is to defend players from helping each other with irrecoverable loans, and on the other hand that someone is advancing in the game through real money. If it were so in school, would that be right?
@GhuU Did you read the article its not about balance xD. I ve suggested this 99999999999999999 times there s a time limit on buying ED with gold why can t the same feature not be reflected to buying ED with RL Money. Not everyone owns a multi-million making machine. I play this game for the community + its fun. But if one man solely controls the flow of the game then there s no point continue playing. Is the game meant only meant for Celio or the whole community? Its time for Admins to decide
I agree with this article. It needs to be a limit for spending real money per day and per week.
I agree there should be a limit on buying EDs ... But why complain only about Celio? When Diesel or Picaroon won battles alone, I did not see anyone in Bulgaria complaining...
@Salah ad Din Yusuf you do know that you get 1 star for level 0 right? So if you spend as little as 4 euro, you get that elusive star. Me personally I spent 15 euro which is peanuts for 90% of the people that spent anything. His point was people that spend thousands, shake the balance of the game. However I don t agree that a limit is a good idea, nor would it solve anything. 1. The admins need money to actually keep the game running, not sure how much they ll get if Celios and Diesels can only spend a certain amount. More importantly though they ll find a way around it, the same way they ve adjusted to the company limit. Another thing that I reckon could work is get a way for players to make gold without buying it. My wife plays this dumb dress up game (Covet Fashion) and they ve partnered with a company called Tapjoy, so basically players can get the special currency of the game (i.e. gold), by completing surveys or playing other games that paid Tapjoy for advertisement, or maybe even buying products that they might need anyway. Sure you spend some time, but you don t spend money. It s a decent trade off..
Better than 1-2 players buy 10.000 euros or more ingame are 1000 players who buy 30 euros and all enoy but is not the case. Anyway Admin took the money and do not care else. Who lost more are just the people who buyed a lot = LUXURY TAX rofl
ahahah wouldn t you, if you were in their shoes?
they made the game to earn money through buying erev pack s , so i don t blame developers Laugh i just don t understand people who throw that much money on fucking game xd
I agree. Just one correction. There are players in your team just the same as Celio. Take Diesel for example. In one battle some time ago he hit 245 million. At that particular moment, this was more then whole of Croatian DMG (two MUs at the time) all together! ONE PLAYER gave more damage in a single battle than a whole (active) country in the whole game. A game-stopper if I ever so one. And the biggest joke is that that same player is advocating strategy and organization on his side as a game-changer. ROFL.
Complex of inferiority they are f...ed in RL and want to show themselves as heroes.... or have a lot of money to throw away out to open window Smile
Solo saben llorar y llorar Smile
Get a VISA mate
Money rule the game... it is that simple... More cash = more happy faces on A team
the main problem is that you will not be able to get gold as time passes , at some point of time you will need like XX milion dmg to get medal and 5 gold so that s the reason why the people who don t want to buy gold will quit this game (as i will probbably) ,, but for now it s funny , i don t look to others and i play it for myself as long as i can get any motivation to continue , but when you consider everything yes you are right , they are really killing the game,i saw that brazilian a few days ago that made 100+ milion dmg , yeah 100+million my shit !!
Their money,their rules.They can spent millions if they want.It s their choice to use visa Hail visa!
I agree there should be a limit on buying EDs ... But why complain only about Celio? When Diesel or Picaroon won battles alone, I did not see anyone in Bulgaria complaining... X2
they gave me mission to spend 80energy bars and there is no way to get 80 fucking bars without buyin it in store,at least they could give us a list of missions so i could have saved some bars for shitty mission,clear example that you can play this game only with real money
OFC was paid by Bulgaria too. I don t remember anyone complain about Itso or Danider by calling them VISA. They were talking about unbalance back then so we decided to change location. Now you guys complain about VISA, and you mention Celio only, like other countries doesn t have any Visa players. I know that OFC is probably the strongest unit in the game, and whatever we do you will always complain about the side that pays us. So anyways, I don t think that having visas is a problem. First of all, Admins made the game like every game, to make profit from it, so visas are the main source. Furthermore, here we are like a small community based on rl activities, like politics, military etc So like rl some ppl have more influence cuz they are wealthier, others gaining important roles cuz of their mind and their skills and so on... I think everyone has the skills to be an important person with great influence, ofc u can t expect to shoot tones of dmg like visas, but with your diplomatic, politic, military etc skills, you can easily compete em and beat em. So stop complaining about everything, play the game, have fun and finally use ur mind. I know many ppl here that without being visas they have achieved great things. Be one of them instead of crying!
I agree with the article ans i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO covered cause i said these to tovar for so long ago, even when Panthen was dominating. And I am a small visa too. But it s unfair for all the rest of people, and if they start quiting visas will play alone.
ChrisGeoRM , how exactly you can easily compete and beat them as you say if guy come and buy 200 milion dmg ? , yes you can if you gave your ass to other VISA player to fight for you , is that politic you are talking about xd ? you can play this for months developing your diplomatic and politic allies and he can buy 200 milion in 2 mins so you were just losing your time xd
@miske, just gather 20 players with 10m and that is a 200m. Simple as that.
If Ktab is a small visa, I am nothing Laugh
What Chris and primadienis says is prostitution to visas. This is why they are against. My proposals focused on the fact a Visa could advance account little bit more, but not affect outcome of wars so drastically. So everyone s damage would matter
:@ ChrisGeoRM I know many ppl here that without being visas they have achieved great things. Be one of them instead of crying! ---- Are you telling me that? you are funny
I don t care Smile let them to sell their apartments in order to play an online game. I had moments when i enjoyed If these moments will stop i will stop too play too
The ony funny thing here,is you crying just because after months of domination,you lost some battles.
should probably be limited, but its admin who makes the call and i bet he is greedy of some more $$ instead of keeping a healtier community Smile
The admin is just too greedy to figure out that its better for 1000 people playing and get 500euro than 2 people playing and get 1000euro, because this game is for building community..
I agree there should be a limit on buying EDs ... But why complain only about Celio? When Diesel or Picaroon won battles alone, I did not see anyone in Bulgaria complaining... X3
Oh the irony...
Interesting thing is all of you have played several this type of game, left it, came back, keep playing this kind of games again.You know it how the process is working. Developers are not creating games just to full fill your feelings. They want to earn money. Please try to use power of your population. The ones who left were already multies of some players. What your proposal to Tovar, so that we all can win. Like a win win situation. I do agree it not fair, if we buy bars the others can t. But bec of us this guy is keeping server alive. Sorry my friend
Ktab has been pushing this for the whole game. Problem is eRev is a business and all these ideas that make Admin make less money won’t pass because it is for profit.
Bienvenidos al capitalismo Donde el mas fuerte sobrevive
There are always paying players. But you need to give them more slaves who dont pay and play. Pls check mechanics again. You will earn more if make gold gain easier
Yes ok, eRev is a business, it is for profit, we know. All this kind of games are more or less pay to win. The point is more or less, because there is always a limit on what and how much you can buy. Here there s no limit at all. That s the problem. That s why this game is gonna die sooner than others. Anyway admin probably doesn t care. eRev3 will just start.
1 visa cant shoot 200M in 1 min. Just food for tought. More work less crying pls
@Diesel, please read my comment. __ admin should understand earning lot money for few days in cost of game, is not profitable as having the game for a long time but with little income. ___ also there are many game which are profitable, with much higher rate ! but they don t kill their game inorder to earn money ! for example in league of legends you can buy skins for the characters which is one of the ways that game earn money but in the game , you can not but abilities or effective items so every one is equal and wining or loosing is not depended on the money you sped in the game but it depend on your gaming skill.
@Marcelo, all that is true. But not valid in this case. There is no work towards Celio`s VISA. He is going way too crazy and no amount of work can counter that.
@Cypher ,i remember OFC winning many counter rushes vs Celio when we were in Portugal and Bulgaria.So he isnt unbeatable.
just a FYI, they re probably on a €15 p/m server package. they dont need Ks to keep the servers on
@Chris Celio is making 500k dmg per hit now. Try countering that xD
@Ace nothing changes,last month he was shooting 450k me was doing 300k and we still counter rushed. 20 organized soldiers is all you need to counter any player.All the rest is excuses.And i proved that with facts.
players that pay for gaming are not killing the game, they are founding the game for all others, but yes, there should be limits per day, so one person could not decide about whole battles. eot
Your income goal from such an investment is lets say 1000€ You may get these from 100 people 10€ each or 2 people 500€ each. To get it from 100, you must have a super product, good work, caring ect. To get from 2 all it needs is just create new servers from time to time Wink
@Chris Oh really, 20 Players only. Celio has unlimited ED/Capital. The only constraint is Time.
prepare some weps for Celio and us and we ll duke it out in a dummy battle to see if he really can match a MU, this is a pointless argument in which i can see Celio being blamed while the other side has many more gold buyers and as you call them VISAs
what are these ultimate horseshit I read!!!! Gather up 100 people, not 20 and you still cannot beat a determined visa. You never will. Give me unlimited funds I make 1 billion damage, go rush as much as you like, heroes of the moment. Jizuuus..
@Kenchi “Prepare some Weapons” xD where are those weapons gonna come from. You need to buy weapons and you don’t get shi.t from medals. Losing money just from tanking against him. Celio can easily produce 10k weapons daily. Key word “produce”.
Wasnt USA or DF the biggest producer of Q5 Weapons? Laugh or all the articles where you guys mention it 124524 times were fake news? :thinking:
LoL stupid copycat game xD 20 companies? No! 5max GiB additional 2-5 places on day 500! Limit gold transaction to 10/day! Limit EB/RPG buyings to 1-2/day! I could giB some more advices... but yeah PM me when next server starts! Wink n7
ViSA is good, just need to give limit on buying ED, RPG, sending gold / day
@OFC ye we saw you alone, without others help you did nothing Smile if you remember some rws you tried to take away but you failed hard Smile
@Chickerino xD who said we were. We manage to get by yes but If you read my articles Celio has the most WQ5 Comps
@Jeda we lost 2 Rws we won 20 alone,thanks for remind me how successful we are.You can join our server and check our stats in all the OPs we had.You see we have nothing to hide.
@Chris are you sure? Smile just two? Smile nvm then, stats are for fools Smile
Talking without facts is showing how low you are Wink 97 OPs 87 wins 10 lost . Good night
I am waiting for eRev3 LOL
When I read these comments, it just amplifies my disappointment and contempt for players of this game, I get sad when I realize you actually mean the things you write even though you are counteracting yourself, this isn t targeted at anyone specifically but rather at this community as a whole.
Yes erev3 will open soon Smile)
Ffs this whole.comunity got adicted to crying time to fade away a bit more
The End of the game for non VISA!
Money killed the game
good thing is that Diesel don t buy gold...he is just good tactician Laugh